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6bangr 03-11-2014 09:10 AM

Whipple - possible manifold or injector leak?
Would you say this residue is a result of?
1.) Manifold leak: oil vapour escaping
2.) Excess gasket sealer thatís seeped out and run down the manifold over time
3.) Leaky injectors
4.) Or just rust (maybe I didnít dry the engine enough after cleaning it before putting the car away for the winter).

Iíll probably end up pulling the compressor and re-seating the injectors, but I figured I check to see if anyoneís seen something similar on their setup.
Thanks in advance

moosestang 03-15-2014 04:21 PM

Did you install it? It could be gasket cinch from the install, but it wouldn't be on the runners like that unless you were sloppy putting it on.

Why did you run the fuel like crossover on top of the blower? It's suppose to go under.

6bangr 03-16-2014 03:22 PM

I did the install myself, I did use gasketcinch but I wasnít that sloppy. But I actually think I found the cause. I was looking at pictures from a year and half ago and found a picture with the exact same stain pattern, just not as dark.


So I think it probably is excess sealer like you suggested or residual cutting oil from the manufacturing process. The stainís probably gotten darker as a result of repeated heat cycles. Iím just going to try and scrub it off with something thatís not to abrasive and then keep an eye on it after. I shouldíve given the lower intake a good scrubbing before the install.

In terms of the fuel crossover line, the whipple instructions for the 08-10 models actually say to do it that way (picture from manual):

I have no idea why that is, I remember checking the manual and online at least a dozen times to see if that was correct, as I hadnít actually seen a whippled 08-10 model before the install. Since then Iíve read about people with 08-10 models just buying a longer fuel hose and routing it around the back like was done on the earlier models; which is what I wouldíve done in retrospect. I get asked about it all the time.
Maybe whipple provided a shorter crossover line for the 08-10 models to save a few bucks on fuel hoses? Haha

But seriously 2008-2010 was pretty much the peak of the recession. I got a stapled black and white instruction manual that looked like it was photocopied at the local library with my kit. Whereas my buddy with an 06 got a nice color manual in a binder with his kit. My kit seemed a little more basic in terms of packaging and overall finish compared to his. But I sincerely doubt that the reason for having a shorter fuel hose routed over the compressor, thereís got to be some reason for it.

moosestang 03-19-2014 05:54 PM

Well it's not likely to cause any problems going over the top and you can pull the fuel rails without removing the blower. I bet that is gasket cinch and it's getting darker from heat. You sloppy! My gasket cinch is dark like that now after 5 years of heat cycles.

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