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4 Cylinder NA and Turbo This section is for questions pertaining to stock or modified 4 cylinders, including the performance 2.3L applications

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This maybe apples to oranges but I turbocharged my 1980 Fiat Spider over 10 years ago. This is the second system I've built. I originally used an old Rayjay found on the Corvairs but it created too much lag. So I'm using a T3 with internal wastegate and log style manifold. No decrease in power over the old system, just quicker boost.

Some engine specs: The engine is a stock 2 liter with factory 8:1 pistons. I run seven pounds of boost with the stock Bosch L-jetronic system. I believe Ford used this same system on their 2.3 liter engines back in the 1980s.

The only mods I've done to the injection system is a rising rate fuel pressure regulator and a pressure switch between the ECU and O2 sensor to prevent the ECU from leaning out the fuel mixture under boost.

The ignition system is control by a Jacobs Boostmaster which is no longer available. But I found if you re-route the vacuum advance hose to the intake manifold it will work as a boost retard system to some extent. Not ideal but quick and dirty.

The only issues I can say is the valve guides/seals seem to take a beating. The pistons have held up but I had the cylinder head rebuilt a few years ago. It seems bronze valve guides and the exhaust seals don't like forced induction.
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Default 80 mustang

i have a non turbo 2.3l 4 speed in my 1980 mustang hatchback. i have the turbo set up out of a 84 mustang SVO, can you just take the exhaust manifold off the svo motor and put it on the non turbo 2.3 and then hook the turbo up? also i need a wiring diagram to re do my charging system due to mine not working, anyone that can help email me at

[email protected]

or send me a text or call at 262-903-4272, thank you

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Default yet more questions

i have yet more questions on my 1980 mustang. you answered most of my questions about the turbo. can i use the pistons and crank out of the svo motor in a N/A block? can i put the cam from the svo head in a N/A head? also, is the suspension (as far as the shocks and spring and stuff) off of a 83 mustang with a v6 able to inter change with the ones off my 1980? and does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 2.3 N/A charging system, mine is all kinds of messed up. if anyone could help me that would be awsome, thank you

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Really a educative and informative post, the post is good in all regards,I am glad to read this post.
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this is all great info, however I am having trouble finding info on doing the N/A swap on a carbureted engine. I plan on using a turbo set up out of a TC with the intercooler into a holley 4412 2v car sitting on top of an efi manifold. Any more info as to what i eed to do to the carb would be greatly helpfull.
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If you really want to blow through carbs, get a pair of Lotus Esprite Turbo Dellortos. They are set up for blow through with shaft seals, postive vented bowls and solid uncrushable floats from the factory. They can be jetted for any car. Manifolds are available for 2.3's. Other than that, fuel injected motors are much easier like everyone has said.
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how much will all of this cost in the end? on average
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i didnt even know they made 4cyl mustangs? why would you buy one?
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I get 31MPG Highway

Originally Posted by Hstanfield View Post
i didnt even know they made 4cyl mustangs? why would you buy one?
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short and sweet. i'll link this thread to the sticky up top. thanks for the effort
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