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Question Homemade Supercharger?

I have seen people attach leaf blowers straight to the air intake as a supercharger. I was thinking you could saw off the plastic pipe of an electric leaf blower, and hook it up to the alternator. Does this work? Is it a significant gain in horsepower?
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After I got done laughing what can I say. The one thing I do know is that you can not hook a electric leaf blower up to your alternator and expect it to work. Electric leaf blower requires a/c current. Your car is d/c current. You would have to install a inverter that produces enough wattage output to run the motor. As for working? This sounds like something you would see on a ricer car.
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I bet if you just went through and did the simple things, you could see a lot better performance upgrade than using a leaf blower for a super charger. Just check to make sure your turn signal fluid is in good shape, go through and replace your muffler bearings, and re-grease your break pads. Not only does it stop the squealing, it'll make you more unstoppable than a Toyota!

Do that stuff, you wont need the leaf blower.
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Originally Posted by ShooterMcGavin View Post
I was thinking
Please stop.
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Where's Doctor Frankenstien when you need him???
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i like thise "electric superchargers" they sell online for a couple hundred bux and they claim to give up to 3 lbs boost!!

What, at idle??

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I think Joe Dirt did that mod too....
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this is rediculous as i read this, just go buy one of those turbonators from ebay or something
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The gains will be very minimal. You won't see any boost pressure from it. The alternator isn't capable of supporting the power required for constant forced induction, even if you have a 3g alt. The same applies for those ones online. They don't move enough air. There have been successful electric superchargers built using one or multiple rewrapped starters with roots or centrifugal compressors, but they're only built for 20-30 second bursts & generally require two batteries & a minimum of 5 minutes of normal driving to recharge. Those aren't cheap. I think even the base models go for over $1000.

Those turbonators & small fans do work for something, but not a power gain like you're looking for.

If you can fabricate you can set up a supercharger or turbo kit of your own for around $700 depending on what you're looking for. Neither are hard to build, just time consuming. I imagine it would be a bit cheaper for you since there are already 2.3t parts widely available if you look in the right places. I've only got about $1100 in my ranger including the truck cost & that's with having to buy a t5, hx35w, materials to build a split scroll header, two wastegates, a standalone, 3" exhaust, muffler, 255lph, injectors, materials for fabricating an intake & the end tanks on a 33"x22"x3" intercooler. I'd say it could easily be done for under $500 for a decent stock setup

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what about an elongated CAI that goes straight to your ac vents? lolololol
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