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Stroke it of Blow it

Old 08-11-2006, 01:41 AM
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Default Stroke it of Blow it

Is this true?

A stroker 302ci motor (347ci) produces more low-end torque than a supercharged 302ci, but the 302ci makes more high-end horsepower.

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Old 08-11-2006, 01:49 AM
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

no, it depends on other mods.
but generally a stroker will make more torque because the piston is traveling faster.
and usually a stroker makes more power too, but like I said it depends on other mods.
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Old 08-11-2006, 01:54 AM
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

So if all things are equal, I'll get more torque from a stroker than a supercharged non-stroker? Are there any drawbacks to a stroked motor (drive ability, emissions) It seems like more people supercharge, which is the more expensive route.
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Old 08-11-2006, 12:51 PM
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

a 302 non stroker torq peak will be at higher rpms 302 s dont make alotta torq at low rpms//// stock rods...a sc stock rod 302 will make gr8 power but at higher rpms on avg..a stroker has a longer rod and has less space to travel...has gobs of low end torq...and usually limited on high rpm hp up to id say aroun 6-6500 rpms is ok..
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Old 08-11-2006, 12:54 PM
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

supercharging is defiently not as expensive as stroking a motor AND its 1/10th the work. You can get a Novi 1000 ($1600) & Anderson Powerpipe ($250) & a Vortech 8' Crank Pulley ($200) and put out about 10psi depending on application. For for a little over 2G's you can have a 10psi blower. Stroker kit ($800-1200), machining, installation, etc. Its definetly not as expensive and like I said, its 1/10th the work.
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

^+1 have to agree, the supercharger is more popular because its easier to install and doesn't require a mechanic or engine builder to install the kit like a stroked motor does. On the S/C all you need is a self install and a dyno tune for $300 and your all set, the labor from a stroker install is what gets very expensive. My understanding is that stroker motors produce large torque gains and significant HP gains and S/C (depending on brand) produce more power as the rpm's increase, which alludes to the lower gains in low end torque. This is just my understanding though, a real motor head could explain better or more accurately.
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Old 08-11-2006, 01:06 PM
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

Thats why turbos are better, especially with an auto because you can put a load on the motor and make boost right off the line, rather than s/c that goes along with engine RPM.
Draw backs to a stroker, RPM. You cant spin a stroker as high as regular 302. I worked at a small tuner shop, we had a guy come in with an 89 notch, that ASC McLaren built the motor, it spun 10k. Craziest 302 Ive ever heard, man that thing was fast.
If I were you, Id do what BLUE suggested, just supercharge it. Its cheaper and better IMO. And if you get all forged internals, balance it, with the right set up you can spin it up to 8500. Any higher than that, itll cost a lot, but it can be done.
Aside from that, my personal opinion is that a 302 block is more prone to cracking when its stroked. Saw a 10 sec. 347 crack the block. And really thats not all that fast.
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

+1 for Supercharging it. Cheaper, easier for the average guy out there to do. It can be done in an afternoon under a shade tree. Doesnt require digging into the engine at all unless you got a external oil line type kit, then its going to cost you a little bit more time and effort just because you got to tap the oil pan.

And a 302 is a short stroke motor with a big bore, its oversquare for an engine. Generally a shorter stroke engine is more stable at higher rpms. You can make a longer stroke engine turn high rpms obviously, but in my mind with more weight being thrown around from the stroker crank and the longer rods, it just wouldnt be quite as stable. And from what i heard from my neighbor chuck, thats what made the 1967-1969 Chevrolet Z28 302 such a bad *** engine, its large bore and short stroke. Ive even heard of guys spinning that motor to 7K with factory everything.

But if your wanting to do a whole engine rebuild, go with a 347 i guess, thats the general way to go it seems. If your wanting to stay 302, go with a supercharger.
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Default RE: Stroke it of Blow it

Both FTW!
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