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5.0 Joe 08-30-2006 12:57 PM

Planning an overhaul for the pony
Well, as anyone around NY knows we start school later than the rest of the country so, this year, im taking our BOCES Auto Tech classes, they have civics, and oldsmobile, and a tercel to work on if you dont have a car, i figured id work o the stang a bit, heres what i have planned, let me know what you guys think...

-All new, tinted lights, front 1 piece and rear (89 style)
-fiber hood, cant decide what style yet
-hopefully i can find new front and/or rear quarters
-find a wing that pulls straight off the rear deck, like a drag looking wing
-new AR wheels (solid, i love em, my dads got em on his '66)
-non GT front bumper and rear bumper
-new weather stripping

-new bucket seats
-white gauge faceplate
-3 pod gauges that go on A pillar
-New carpet
-New momo steering wheel
-new pedals (mine have no rubber)
-and an ashtray switch plate

Motor and chassis (Heres where we have fun)
-Supercharger (Paxton or Vortec)
-new shocks and shorter springs
-new coling fan
-billet pulleys and new belts
-new anodized rear control arms
-polished cobra typhoon intake
-70mm throttle body
-custom intake (ill explain at the bottom)
-BBK headers (Short or long? IM after sound)
-Custom built 3" exhaust through single chamber mufflers
-strut bar under hood
-Sub connectors
and also new rotors and pads

so, what do ya think? I think i got my work cut out for me, im going to make my own intake, it oing to wrap around, go over the intake manifold, and out towards the end of the cowl hood and ill make an airbox with airfilter at the opening of the cowl
also, im after sound, my dads 289 '66 Stang has hadbuilt headers going to 3" tube to single chambers and it sounds like nothing else..
let me know what you guys think..

OJMiles 08-30-2006 01:11 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
Here's what i think:

You never told us what kind of car you have (year/make/model/trim) so thats going to make it more difficult.

American Racing wheels arent exactly the best out there... I would consider something else if you're going to replace the wheels.

Have a plan, what do you want to do with the car, do you want it to look good, or go fast? Most people choose one or the other since it is very expensive to do both. money from buying Parts such as that Momo steering wheel and [expensive] 1pc headlights could be used to do other things with your car... Just something to think about.

5.0 Joe 08-30-2006 01:16 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
its a 1990 GT 5.0, sorry about that, i have everything planned out, why not AR Wheels? What headers? steering wheel is negotiable, just an idea of what i want to do, i love the 1 piece lights, also, the paint is shot on my car, its was red, now it ranges from red, to pink, to white in some spots, anywhere i can get fiberglass fenders?

5.0 Joe 08-30-2006 01:27 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony

88BlueGT 08-30-2006 01:30 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
90% of the stuff you listed you can get from or

Headers you can go either way, but personally I would just go with a set of ceramic coated BBK shorties if I were you.

You can get fiberglass fenders also.

How much do you plan spending? Also, dont forget about a ring and pinion set, installation kit for the ring and pinion, installation itsself (unless your doing it but wouldnt recommend it), and other suspension mods like subframe connectors, torque box reinforcements, struts, shocks, springs, etc.

Dont forget about your tranny! is it an automatic or 5spd?

Also, I wouldnt recommend going with a 3' exhaust... your building a street car and thats going to be too big imo. Go with a 2 1/2.

And you said in the above post... non gt bumpers... that would be LX bumpers.

7upedition 08-30-2006 01:39 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
sounds to me like you want your car to look good, which isn't a bad thing but i'd suggest getting all the motor and chasis wrenching done before you dive into changing bumbers, fenders and dress up stuff, because a fast car is better than a pretty ride in my opinion. Take the build in phases, start with the supporting mods (i.e. chasis upgrades, subframes, springs, struts, k member, sway bars) then move to the motor, build your motor in aim of a hp figure then you can get the proper system (i.e. if you put boost, how many psi, then you'll need a fuel system to support that, injectors, Adjustable regulator, pump, dyno tune) and Heads/Cam/Intake combo(i wouldn't build your own intake there are way too many inexpensive nice intakes available for this car), and then you need the motor to be able to stay cool (i.e. 180* t stat, 3 core rad, water pump, electric fan) and to support the electric fan and stuff you may need to upgrade the alt to a 3g. Sorry to ramble but I'm just trying to show you how these projects have to support each other, or else you'll have a bunch of nice new parts that dont give you the result of a cheaper well thought out system. ;)

Order of events: Chasis, motor, wheels/brakes, exterior, then interior.

This sounds like an expensive project, I wish you the best of luck and hope it turns out great, just do a lot of homework and decide what you want from the car. (remember the stock 302 block can only handle 400hp)

5.0 Joe 08-30-2006 01:47 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
cool, thanks, im doing all the installations and work myself, i have a lot of experiance, ive so far, built up 4 motors. I have about 15k so money isnt a problem, i just want this car to hold up, but hold up going fast. i dont like the GT body package so ill get the LX fenders and whatnot, thanks

88BlueGT 08-30-2006 01:52 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
remember also... the molding on the GT's and LX's are different so the moldings on the fenders, doors, etc. will all be different.

OJMiles 08-30-2006 01:58 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
Why not get the cobra body package, it does away with the useless scoops at least...

88BlueGT 08-30-2006 01:59 PM

RE: Planning an overhaul for the pony
and the rear bumper/front bumper look 10X's better.... especially the rear.

And with the cash you have you can get a brand new kit from cervinis.... and also fiberglass fenders from

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