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zennx 09-05-2004 08:46 PM

Big electrical problems need help bad!
Hi guys I have a major dillema on my hands. I started to install a shift light in my car and only wired up the power and ground now theres a lot of stuff in my car that won't work. The speed and tach work but the gauges around it all stay the same. In addition, my rear defroster won't work, and my power locks (the power windows do work however), and my air bag light comes on. When I try to signal the right one blinks really fast and the left one makes this weird noise but none of those work either. I didn't do anything to my car I can think of to make it do this. I checked a lot of the fuses and all of them seem to be fine. Please guys I really need your help big time on this. This is a '94 btw.


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