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5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.
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Default 93 Cobra & 93 Cobra "R" Information

There were 4993 Cobras and 107 Cobra R's produced in 1993 for a total of 5100.

1FACP42D... is how the VIN should read. No Cobra came with cruise control. Only 5 options were available - PWR drivers seat, leather, CD, Rear window defrost, and Sunroof. Engine block heater, CA emissions, High Altitude principle use, and million mile odometer were also available, but don't show up on the door tag, buck tag, or VIN.

• Unique 17x7.5 turbine style wheels (unique offset - 93 Cobra is 3/4" wider per side with unique front rotors with taller hats)
• Opened up grill area with running horse insert
• Unique rear bumper, side skirts and grill opening
• Rear disc brakes
• Snake emblems on fenders should be non-directional (DS faces to the back, passenger side faces to the front, unique to 93 Cobras)
• LX style tailpipes
• SVO style tail lights
• Unique rear spoiler
• GT40 Iron heads (3 "bars" should be visible on front of head, "GT" cast into head under valve cover
• Black stamped steel valve covers (94-95 Cobra valve covers have "Cobra" embossed into them).
• Crane 1.7 roller rockers, cast aluminum
• Available in 3 colors only: Teal metallic, Vibrant Red (kinda orange red), Black
• 70mm MAF
• 65mm throttle body
• Cobra (cast GT40) upper and lower intake
• Unique mufflers and tailpipes (extended hangers on LX style tailpipes)
• Smaller front sway bar - 28.5mm as compared to the larger 33mm unit used on the GT, the rear bar measured 21mm
• 4 cylinder rear springs and regular 5.0 front springs. The front springs were 425/530 lbs./in progressive rate, while the rear springs had a linear rating of 160 lb./in versus a progressive 200/300 lb./in. rate used on the GT.
• Unique struts and shocks (Tokico was the OEM supplier)
• Unique cam (Used in 93 t birds and cougars, 94-95 Australian falcons)
• Unique EEC (X3Z catch code)
• 24# injectors
• 1" bore master cylinder
• Larger brake booster
• Unique tranny (World Class T5) - phosphate coated 2nd and 3rd gears, steel pocket bearing retainer
• Stock 5.0 fuel pump
• Hardened driveshaft yoke
• Unique brake proportioning valve
• Non cruise leather wrapped steering wheel
• Lettered floormats
• Unique crank and water pump pulleys (underdriven crank, overdriven WP)
• 3:08 ring and pinion
• Higher-rate bushings at the forward end of the rear upper control arms
Absolutely no 93 Cobra convertibles made.
The biggest and easiest indicator is the VIN number. If you are looking at a convertible, then it is definitely not a Cobra.

1993 Cobra & 1993 Cobra “R” Differences

R had a curb weight of 3089 lbs. - Cobra curb weight was 3214 lbs.
R had a strut tower brace - Cobra did not
R had 17X8 wheels - Cobra had 17X7.5
R wheels were 1994 optional 17" GT 5 lug wheels painted gloss black with polished lip and chrome center caps - Cobra had unique 17" 4 lug turbine style wheels
R had 13" directionally vented Kelsey-Hayes front rotors with 10.5 radially vented rears rotors - Cobra had 10.84" vented front rotors with 10.07" vented rear rotors
R had a 1.30" front stabilizer bar - Cobra had a 1.125"
R had variable 240 - 260 lb/in. rear springs - Cobra had 160 lb/in. constant rate springs
R had a unique aluminum radiator with de-gas canister and a recalibrated fan clutch drive - Cobra had standard GT set up
R had a unique air-to-oil oil cooler - Cobra had standard GT set up
R had power steering cooler - Cobra had none
R had the 1994 Mustang 15:1 steering gear - Cobra had standard GT set up
R had stiffened floorpan with unique sub-frame connectors - Cobra had standard GT set up
R had rear seat delete, radio delete, sound deadener delete, fog light delete with manual mirrors and windows - Cobra had all deletes with electric mirrors and windows
R had full size spare - Cobra had unique 15X4 aluminum wheel with P125/90R15 tire
R had no warranty - Cobra had standard Ford 3/36
Only drivers holding a license from a sanctioned racing body could purchase an R - Cobras were sold to any Tom, Dick or Harry
Due to the R's rear suspension, it came with a warning, "Due to the wider tires for use on smooth race tracks, you may experience some bottoming out of rear fenders on the tires. It is advisable to avoid bumps and to enter driveway ramps at an extreme angle to minimize tire-to-fender contact."
107 R's were built - 4,993 Cobras were built
R's sold for $25,692 - Cobras base price was $21,578

Equipment Comparison between a 1993 Cobra and a 1993 GT

Cylinder Heads
Intake valve for Cobra is 1.84 in. – GT is 1.782 in.
Exhaust valve for Cobra is 1.54 in. – GT is 1.46 in.
Combustion chamber for Cobra is 60.3 to 62.5cc – GT is 60.5 to 63.6cc
Casting prefix for Cobra is F3ZE – GT is E5TE

Valve Springs
Intake closed on Cobra is 90 @ 1.78 – GT is 74 to 82 @ 1.78
Intake open on Cobra is 280 @ 1.30 – GT is 211 to 230 @ 1.33
Exhaust closed on Cobra is 85 @ 1.60 – GT is 77 to 85 @ 1.60
Exhaust open on Cobra is 264 @ 1.12 – GT is 200 to 226 @ 1.15

Rocker Arms
The Cobra has 1.7:1 cast-alum. roller – GT has 1.59 stamped-steel sled

Cobra opening intake is 19 deg. BTDC – GT is 20 deg. BTDC
Cobra opening exhaust is 75.5 deg. BBDC – GT is 75.5 BBDC
Cobra closing intake is 71 deg. ABDC – GT is 76 ABDC
Cobra closing exhaust is 14.5 deg. ATDC – GT is 19 deg. ATDC
Cobra duration intake is 270 deg. – GT is 276 deg.
Cobra duration exhaust is 270 deg. – GT is 266 deg.
Cobra overlap is 33.5 deg. – GT is 39 deg.
Cobra lobe/valve lift intake is .282 in./.480 in. – GT is .278 in./.444 in.
Cobra lobe/valve lift exhaust is .282 in./.480 in. – GT is .278 in./.444 in.
Camshaft part number for Cobra is F3ZE-6250-CA – GT is F1ZE-6250-AA

SEFI System
Throttle body on a Cobra is 65mm – GT is 60mm
MAF on a Cobra is 70mm – GT is 55mm
Flow capacity for Cobra is 638 cfm – GT is 580 cfm
Injectors on a Cobra are 24 lb. – GT are 19 lb.

Spark Plugs
Cobra has AWSF-42C with .050 gap – GT has AWSF-42 with .044 gap

Engine Code
Cobra is “D” – GT is “E”

Cobra front stabilizer bar is 1.125 in. – GT is 1.30 in.
Cobra rear spring rate type is constant – GT is variable
Cobra rear spring rate is 160 lb./in. – GT is 200 to 300 lb./in.

Wheels and Tires
Cobra tire size is P245/45ZR17 – GT is P225/55ZR16
Cobra wheel size is 17” x 7.5” – GT is 16” x 7”
Rim outboard offset on a Cobra is 1.61 in. – GT is .88 in.
Wheel type on the Cobra is alum. 7 spoke turbing – GT is alum. 5 stars

Total swept area on a Cobra is 379.3 sq. in. – GT is 316 sq. in.
Rear type on the Cobra is vented disc – GT is drum
Rear size on a Cobra is 10.07” x .945” – GT is 9” x 1.73”

The Cobra gearbox contains the standard 5-liter H.O. T-5 ratios. The Cobra version has a phosphate coated cluster gear and a tapered roller pocket bearing between the input shaft and the output shaft. These Cobra features were eventually phased into 1993 T-5 production for all V8 Mustangs.

Horsepower rating for a Cobra is 235 @ 4600 – GT is 205 @ 4200
Torque rating for a Cobra is 280 @ 4000 – GT is 275 @ 3000

Exterior Color / Interior Color / Upholstery / Production
Black (UA)
[/b]Black (J) Cloth (D) 448
Grey (6) Cloth (D) 327
Leather (C) 1,079
Total 1,854 units

Red (ES)[/b]
Black (J) Cloth (D) 362
Grey (6) Cloth (D) 415
Leather (C) 1,007
Total 1,784 units

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