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cheap hp?

Old 08-20-2007, 10:33 PM
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Default cheap hp?

i have an 87 gt 5.0 5speed wanted to know if any one knew so little things i could change to gain performance and hp for little to no money??
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Default RE: cheap hp?

gears heads and nitrous are the best bang for the buck, cheapest heads would be to get some gt40s or gt40ps nitrous kit if you can find a used one and ring and prinion aint much.
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Default RE: cheap hp?

it depends what u call cheap

i pieced together my nitrous kit for half price over what a new one would be(including the extras i got) for 350-400
cheap heads are 200 or so, but then u need to get them worked over-few more hundred

basically.. hp isnt cheap
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Default RE: cheap hp?

Rear Gears
Off-Road H
Underdrive Pul;iies
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Default RE: cheap hp?

ORIGINAL: stang8689

Rear Gears-expensive
Headers-not a bad one, i missed this
Off-Road H-again, missed this one
Underdrive Pul;iies-i have to dissagree... 1-200 bucks for 5 hp? not even worth it imo...
CAI-i dissagree again... get a k/n filter and call it good

if u are looking to lower et's then i suggest a drag radial... 300 bucks or so for two of them... and they droped my times a good amount, enough that i wont race on street tires at all
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Default RE: cheap hp?

You got to pay to play.
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Default RE: cheap hp?

a famous saying that i have heard many times on here.............................................. ..........
cheap,reliable,badass pick one
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Default RE: cheap hp?

I would have to say that under drive pulleys are the last thing you need. All they do is cause accessory problems and for the money your paying like 100-200 bucks for 5 horses which can easily be gained for free by adjusting your timing degree. Thats just my thinking but im not mechanic
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Default RE: cheap hp?

ORIGINAL: 331StrokerFox

You got to pay to play.
its in my sig for a reason
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Default RE: cheap hp?

IMO hp plays a big role, no brainer,but its how you get it to the blacktop. Of course gears wont give you horsepower, and yes a lil expensive, but well worth it. Add ons are a everywhere for our 5.0's and some are fairly cheap, but theres nothing thats realy that cheap thats gonna add hp. Nothing the label says anyways. But ya for starters, full exhaust, gears, and some kind of new air filter, up to you what you want to go for. Gears are only like 250 for the gears and of course the installation kit, but than you have to get them installed, if you cant do it. Only thing cheap and free is advance your timing a couple of degrees, good for a few hp. We all have our thoughts on how to get it done, so good luck
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