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Default A little help here

The seal that held my harmonic balancer in place wore out and now it's loose. I have another 1990 5.0 engine and I'm thinking about getting it rebuilt and replacing the one on mine. How much would it cost to get the Harmonic Balancer problem fixed and can it be done without replacing the crankshaft? I don't believe there was any damage done to it. What do you guys think?
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Default RE: A little help here

depending on the balance you buy 80 to 150 range and a damper puller wich you can rent or buy for 25 bucks and a decent impact you could do it your self in 45 mins or so if it dont wanna be stuborn . you take the pulley off and the bolt that holds the damper to the crank out . bolt on the puller and if u use a impact it should come off in 10 to 20 mins depending on the impact . then terry cloth the crank and line your new damper up and thread the bolt in the chrank make sure not to forget the washer . and impact it on and replace your pulley . also you mayt want to chack the rubber seal that goes aroud the damper on you timing chain cover . if its worn replace it . this is also a good time to replace a timing chain and all that good stuff simnce the dampers already off . hope this helps you out
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Default RE: A little help here

You WILL need to replace front seal.
I don't recommend using impact gun with balancer puller, shouldn't need to either.
Torque on the big balancer bolt is 80 ft/lb so you'll need 1/2" drive sockets anyway.....
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