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81bird 03-19-2008 10:54 AM

Cam Help
Hey everyone. I need help looking for a cam. I was looking at the tfs2 cam and was wondering on your opinions. My setup i have is a 88roller cam motor. With GT40P's, bbk shorties, edlebrock 4 barrel intake, and a holley 650. I just want a good motor thats streetable but go to the track if i get a chance. Its going into a 81 thunderbird which is kinda a boat..Weighs liek 4000lbs..Just help me out guys id really appreciate it. Thanks.

Joel5.0 03-19-2008 11:04 AM

RE: Cam Help
Stg 2 on a such a heavy frame is not a good starting point. What gears does the T-Bird have installed?

81bird 03-19-2008 11:06 AM

RE: Cam Help
Idk about the gears its all stock rearend. It has the 7.5 in it. I plan to upgrade to a 8.8 soon down the road..

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