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Default heater core

has anyone ever used stopleak to fix a heater core,i replaced mine about 2 months ago and it is leaking again,i dont have a f**kin clue as to y,but it just leaks when u get on it hard,it is just drippin,i used stopleak in my pickup when my timim cover was leakin and it stopped it.i dont want to pull my dash off again.
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Default RE: heater core

don't use stop leak..it clogs everything up in the long run it creates more probs then it solves...seen it one to many times clog crap up
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Default RE: heater core

well the kind i used on my timin cover was little copper looking flakes not that big pieces,it sealed my timin cover no problem,
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Default RE: heater core

where is it leaking from?

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capri debris
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Default RE: heater core

List of reasons why new heater cores leak:

1. Faulty right out of the box. I always air test them with some hose, a "T" fittingand a gauge.
2. Installer being too rough when putting the hoses on. Bending the necks will make them leak where they attach.
3. Old motor mounts. The engine rocking under power tugs on the fagile necks via the hoses.
4. No flow restrictor installed in the inlet hose. This lets allows too much pressure in the heater core.
5. A poor ground in the electrical system. Stray electrical currents will "eat" the metals of the radiator and heater core.
6. Radiator cap rated at a higher PSI than neccesary. This allows too much pressure to build up in the entire cooling system.

And like stated above by a wise member... stop leak is the devil in a bottle. DON'T USE IT!!!
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Default RE: heater core

Replace it.....not hard, but time consuming.....and it only costs like $20.....

Here are some directions........I did it twice [:'(]

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Default RE: heater core

+1 cantstopthefox
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