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5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.

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Default Clutch Issues/ Clutch Adjustment Issues

So I have a 93 Mustang 5.0 with 5 speed. This would be the second time I have went and replaced the clutch with a stock replacement from autozone. I have a clutch quadrant from summit and adjustable clutch cable from upr. I also have an aftermarket clutch fork from summit. I have a firewall adjuster but have decided to not use it at this point.
I'm having issues adjusting the clutch properly. I have to put so much tension on the clutch cable that it seems like the throwout bearing is riding the clutch fingers ALL THE TIME. I went out last night after adjusting it and it will finally engage about little less than half pedal travel but when getting into it its slipping madly.
This is the second clutch that I put into it because i originally thought it was a clutch issue but this second one is doing the same thing. I have a upr firewall adjuster and clutch quadrant but I inspected the summit clutch quadrant and its not rubbing the cable anywhere so its properly aligned.
If I put any toe-play into the clutch cable where its not contacting the clutch fingers at all I cant get it into ANY gears without it grinding.
I have replaced this clutch myself and made sure that the clutch disc was facing the right way so it is definitely not an install issue lol.

I called Summit and spoke to their tech when I was having issues with the adjustment with the Ford Racing clutch that was originally in it and he stated something about buying an adjustable pivot ball. Would this make sense?

I'm gonna try adding the firewall adjuster into the mix and try to adjust it some more to get that 'sweet spot' but I wanted to hear anyone else's thoughts on this. Thanks.
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The adjustable pivot ball would give you one more adjustment that you don't have now, and might solve your problem. Does yours have a return spring on the clutch arm? My 88 does not, but I bought a spring that I think will work. I'm not crazy about the way I have mine adjusted. I have some free pedal, but without a return spring, it must be riding the throw out bearing all the time. However, it's not a daily driver, "YET".
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first, you need to make sure that you don't have a a worn out or reman flywheel that has been cut past the safe resurface spec, I always use new ones, second , make sure there is no flex happening at the firewall due to a cracked firewall, had such on my 89, and after fixing the firewall, I still had to load the tension on the cluth arm excessively to get engaugement and not all shifts were crisp and clean, and I tried 1 oem cable, 1 adjustable and a new aftermarket cable and all gave a stiff pedal feel and lack of crisp shifts, I tried 3 different clutches and replaced the quadrant/pedal set up twice and removed the aftermarket quadrant that someone had installed in favor of the oem and nothing solved the issue, until I finally bought a STEEDA, ADJUSTABLE CABLE, QUICK RELEASE QUADRANT and firewall adjuster all for 110.00 shipped, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW.......that thing shifts clean as can be with a easy pedal....wouldn't of believed it would of fixed it had I not seen it point being, not all parts are created equal, buy quality and use the firewall adjuster
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Originally Posted by KnightVision View Post
I have to put so much tension on the clutch cable that it seems like the throwout bearing is riding the clutch fingers ALL THE TIME. .
It sounds like you have other problems but as for adjusting. Constant pressure is correct for your car. Too much preload and it will slip but a couple thou preload is correct.
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im having a problem only with very hard shifting and i have to push the pedal to the floor! for any gear to engage? how much pre-load is too much?
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If you need to push the pedal all the way to the floor to engage your gears. As long as nothing is broken in your clutch or your pilot bearing is not seized.
Clutch cable tension is simple. Too tight, your clutch will slip and it your pedal will be almost all the way up to engage the clutch.
Too loose, it will be like yours. Pedal needs to go into the carpet to engage a gear. It will also engage the clutch as soon as you move the pedal off the carpet.
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