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Default weird clutch issue

so check this

I have basically no play in the clutch, like it feels really good.
but the other day im driving and when I started off from first when the clutch started to engage I heard like a stuttered scrape kinda sound at first it was just from first but as I started to drive it would do it in all the gears and then it wouldn't want to go into first and the worst part was when I was at a quick light I had it in gear with the clutch pedal to the floor and I hear that sound again and I can feel the clutch engaging someone said adjust your cable but everything feels fine the clutch has no play and even though its messin around it still seems to grab in the same place and the longer im out on the road the worse it gets it wont do it till a few lights in the morning I just don't know trannys that good but I know u guys do thanx
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get a new cable, its self adjusted by pulling up on the back of the pedal with the front of your foot and pushing the pedal to the floor. but it sounds like you need a new cable.
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Check the operation of your clutch quadrant . The clutch on these cars are sent from the factory with some preload , too much preload and the clutch wont engage properly , not enough preload and the clutch wont disengage properly causing hard shifting or not being able to put it in gear at all. If you have to push the clutch all the way to the floor in order to put it in gear or shift gears then you either have a worn cable that has stretched beyond its usefulness or there is a problem with something on the quadrant.


If the quadrant has worn teeth on it you may experience sudden loss of clutch where you wont be able to put it in gear easily or at all . Ive had similar issues where the quadrant slipped and was unable to change gears at all even with the pedal to the floor.
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Do yourself a favor and just get an aftermarket quadrant and firewall adjuster. It's not fun to install, but then all of the mysteries of what the factory setup is doing are removed and you won't have any quadrant problems anymore. I think mine was $99 for a Steeda quad, firewall adjuster, and "oem" cable.

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:/ my steeda cable was a POS, so was my BBK cable and I got an FRPP and it was like heaven on earth, for about two months until a honda turned in front of me.
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