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Default timing bump to 20 too much?

So Im finding my best throttle response is with my timing set to 20 (i run with spout in but set with spout out) I know stock is 10 but got e303 an cobra intake (put stock e7s on for smog) among some other small mods.. the title says it all is 20 too much of advance? it runs good an ive heard of people running 16-20 so..
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If no pinging then It should be ok. watch octane tho 87 pings before 93
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Best way to set it is at the the track. Higher timing does effect top end speed
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20 sounds high to me... mine is ideal at 12/13. Each car is different of course, with different mods... like mentioned, if it doesn't ping, then you should be ok. Personally, I wouldn't advance mine that high!

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I'm currently running the best @18 on 93 fuel.
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Also take into consideration that if you're adjusting timing on a cold engine you may not hear any pining until it gets to temp or driving around town.

20 does seem a bit high for stock unless you have cams with the lift/duration to match. In the past I used to adjust timing on a hot running engine by ear first to the PIng limit then see what my gun says. Then back it off by two or three degrees.

I'd then keep my ears acutely open when driving around town for a week or so to see if I need to do any further adjustments. You can also check your plugs. If you're getting a white or off white dusting, you are too far advanced and need to dial it back a couple of degrees.
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