Stroke or no stroker 331 block available -

5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.
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Default Stroke or no stroker 331 block available


I have a 331 block available to me for 1k and I was going to put all my parts sitting on my 302 and just move them over. It's a scat block with Keith black flt top pistons balanced with an aluminum flywheel. I have edelbrock performer heads, x cam, trick flow street burner intake, long tubes, that will all move over as far as I am aware.

My concern us the T5 and rear gears. The trans is stock but I have been warned a stock t5 won't hold up. Is that true? What kind of clutch should I be looking at??

Also, I have 373 trac loc gears in the car. Do I need to check the number of splines. Not sure what's in there.

Finally, I need som guesses on what I am upping the horse to. I have 310 to the wheels. What am I hopping up to here? Any other concerns that I should have?

Thanks everyone.
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The T5 is fine. If you plan on doing a ton of drag racing then upgrade to the aftermarket clutch of your choice? As far as horsepower you wont make a lot more power than your already making with the 331 vs. 302.
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There will be a small difference in power between the two motors. The T5 will be fine, its clutch dumps and power shifting they dont get along with
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331 versus 302, 30 cubic inch difference, so about 30 hp and 40 ft lb torque (longer stroke equals more torque). I like how Duncan put the T5, avoid power shifts and you'll probably be okay.
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A Scat block?
Please school me on this as I've been messing with small block Fords for years and I've never heard of this one.
As a fact, Scat is a company that supply's many stroker cranks, rods etc. to the aftermarket........
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And as for the gears and axles, what are your intentions with the car, street, strip? If your planning on racing at the track with sticky tires, upgrading axles and carrier are recommended if they haven't been already. Street car with street tires, you'll be fine with the stock 28 spline axles.
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