Cranking issue after driving? PLZ HELP!! -

5.0L (1979-1995) Mustang Technical discussions on 5.0 Liter Mustangs within. This does not include the 5.0 from the 2011 Mustang GT. That information is in the 2005-1011 section.
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Default Cranking issue after driving? PLZ HELP!!

So a couple days ago my car didnt want to start after driving it for a lil while. I let it sit over night and the next morning it fired right up without an issue. drove it for about 10 minutes shut it off and yet again it wouldnt start. only after it sets for a couple hours will it start without an issue. then i noticed that the ground wire coming from the battery into the fender gets extremely when the car doesnt want to start. checked it out and it seems to be fine so im guessing something is causing resistance throughout the car and causing the ground to get hot so it will not fire unless completely cooled down. it is my daily driver at the moment and i really need some advice.
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Did this just problem just start? What is your timing set at? Did you check your grounds by taking them off and cleaning corrosion? How old is the starter, battery, etc. Alot of choices on a hot slow crank, but I'd start with the timing.
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pull your spout connector on your dist and see if it cranks fine. i had a similar issue.
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As mentioned, plan on replacing the cable. Clean the place on the front of the engine block where the ground bolts down.

Also check the secondary power ground between the back of the intake manifold and the driver's side firewall. It is often missing or loose. It supplies ground for the alternator, A/C compressor clutch and other electrical accessories such as the gauges.

Also replace your battery connection terminals.
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battery is fine. starter is about 6 months old and i cleaned the terminals cable and ground wire running off the battery cable. cranking problem only starts after the car has warmed up.
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Does it just turn over slow or not at all? Any indication of spark?

I had an issue when hot when the car was turning over slow with a bunch of new mods. It was a timing advanced issue. I had the cables from the battery smoking when this issue occured.

A timing adjustment fixed the issue. Wondering how your timing could have gone out on its own.. but that's where my linited knowledge stops.

Sorry can't be any more helpful.
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Ive had computer related issues where I would drive, warm it up, stop at a store come out and it wont start. Wait 3 hours and it would fire right up. I replaced the computer (at auto zone for like $120) and it never gave me a prob again. It happened on two of my different 5.0's. So I have had it happen twice like you describe and the computer fixed it.
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