my '93 AOD - not down shifting -

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Default my '93 AOD - not down shifting

'93 AOD - trans not downshifting to get rpms from OD (sorta)

Hey guys my '93 has issues. you guys are smart I know it's long but I wanted to explain it best I could.

And please know too - what I'm about to describe, it's all under normal driving - the same as if we had grandma and grandpa in the car with us.

Here's an example.

1. Lets say I'm doing 45-50 mph through town, I've been cruising and I'm in OD

2. I need to make a left turn at the next light - Light is coming up - I back off the throttle, move over to the left lane --

3. I've got the green light but have to yield to on coming traffic - couple cars go by and...--

4. the traffic is clear (I haven't stopped, I've only slowed to approx. 15-20mph) - I make my turn

5.0 I accelerate like normal to get across and out of the oncoming lane -MY STANG STAYS in OD -- 1200- 1500 rpms it wont up shift to get the rpms needed - it wants to bog down - It has in the past popped back through the intake.

Basically after being in OD above 45mph and dropping to a 20 mph coast (with my foot off the accelerator) the transmission will not down shift to second gear or whatever it needs to get the rpms up so that I can accelerate and return back to the speed limit. I have to manually shift from od down to 3rd and hope that's enough.

I checked the fluid yesterday - and it showed 1/2" higher than the highest mark on the stick. - I didn't do it.

(this info may help) (last week I also had two other issues- I was able to fix them with adjustment of tv the cable)

1. When I got the car , it didn't have very good passing gear on the interstate. I had to stomp the pedal all the way to the floor and somewhat violently.

2. AND, from a stop, the car would shift from 1st to OD much too quickly - (It would go from 1st to OD within 3 - 4 seconds) I would be in OD with no speed or rpms.

After I got home I found the tv cable was out of alignment. There was some slack in it. (approx. the thickness of a pencil) - I adjusted it like it should be and the passing gear is better, not perfect but better

And, after the adjustment of the tv cable -- , from a stop up to 4th is considerably better - it holds 1st gear, 2nd gear, and 3rd like it should.

Does any of this rambling make sense? if it does, any idea what may be going on - I have a feeling it's an easy fix -

Thanks for any advice!!
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check the tv cable adjustment
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Originally Posted by mjr46 View Post
check the tv cable adjustment
That's what I thought too. You said you adjusted the Cable. But, sometimes you have to go through adjustments a few times before you get it perfect. You really don't want it to shift to early anyway. So I would have it shift as late as possible before it kicks down to early(overcompensating later shifts). Early shifting WILL BURN UP a Tranny quickly.
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