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Harley0227 04-21-2014 09:48 PM

95 Mustang GT bucking while cruising after EGR fix
Hey all, Im new here and looking for some advice please. Ive lurked here since I got my Stang last week. A little background.....95 Mustang GT, manual trans, completely factory except for a cold air intake. Ive been chasing a few running issues with it since I got it, all minor though. First was a vacuum leak to the EGR that I traced down and fixed due to the EGR code 332. Still "stumbled" a bit at idle, almost like having a hot cam. Never ever tried to stall out though, nor did I ever think it was gonna die so this is just a mild miss. Im not too concerned with that.....

Since I fixed the vacuum leaks to the EGR and plugged it all in Im now having a small issue....Seems to run great, pulls good, very very minor pinging if Im on it WOT, but pulls good. When I get to cruising speed, and it does not matter what gear or rpm, it starts bucking a bit. Feels almost like its struggling or being choked out. Seems like the EGR is opening too much or something. I did verify this by unplugging the vacuum line to the EGR and plugging it with a screw and driving it again. Seemed to pull a bit better, and had absolutely no bucking. Does this mean I have a bad EGR valve? I would think the EGR is good because when I hook up a vacuum tester to it, it holds vacuum and also makes the car wanna die at idle, so that tells me its working. Im new to these cars and just need some advice. Im very tech savy, and do all my own work as well as work for others. Im just at a loss with these OBD 1 cars hahaha. Thanks all!!!!!

dawson1112 04-22-2014 04:17 AM

The egr operates with vacuum via an egr vacuum solenoid located in the passanger side fender well . You should not have any vacuum to the egr at idle at all. If you do then the vacuum lines are not correct or you have a stuck egr vacuum solenoid. It is pretty common for that vacuum solenoid to go bad on these cars.

Harley0227 04-22-2014 10:25 AM

Thanks Dawson, Ive already replaced the solenoid, and associated vacuum lines to it, and Im just lost lol. Ive checked the EGR for operation via a vacuum pump, all works fine and holds vacuum when applied. I know the car was designed to run with this dang system, its just not working now. With it uplugged and capped off, it runs great, with no issues at all, except for a rough idle. I think my idle problem is just a miss though...

dawson1112 04-22-2014 11:22 AM

I pulled the egr off of both my mustangs. The 94 I used to have and the 90 I currently have. They aren't needed for it to run properly.

A lot of guys run without egr.
Your egr could be stuck open a little due to carbon built up on the valve. Have you taken the egr off of the car and tried to clean it?

Harley0227 04-23-2014 12:01 PM

I haven't removed the EGR yet, but Im getting really tempted too haha. I think Im gonna do that this weekend.

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