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Js88lx 07-01-2014 01:19 PM

94 mustang cobra
Once again another prob..geesh! So now my battery light turned on and my volts dropped and dash lights dimmed. So I had the battery (interstate) tested and charged (passed). What else can this be?

dawson1112 07-01-2014 01:26 PM


bluebeastsrt 07-01-2014 01:34 PM

Yep. Or voltage regulator (located on the altanator). Those are pretty much all the sexy parts on the charging system.

Js88lx 07-01-2014 04:56 PM

After I had the battery tested and charged I moved to the alternator. I had it tested at auto zone. 1st test failed, 2nd passed, 3rd passed, 4th failed, 5th failed. So I got a new one. Drove to work today and car ran fine..., but I don't think ive driven enough to really know. I hope I don't have a short somewhere.
I was also thinking about adding another ground to my motor. What you guys think?

bluebeastsrt 07-01-2014 06:59 PM

Id wait and see if you cured the problem with the new altanator.

Maxwelhse 07-01-2014 08:20 PM

Extra ground sounds like a waste of cash. 99.9% it was the alternator. My '93 Escort just pulled that exact trick (working, not, working, not) and its not unusual.

Js88lx 07-02-2014 05:54 PM

Ok. Well 2 days now and no problems. Knock on wood. Just that darn bbk header still not sealing to head.. head nod.

dawson1112 07-02-2014 07:13 PM

I had problems with my bbk headers not wanting to seal to my heads as well, I found that using the thicker aluminum gaskets worked.

Js88lx 07-03-2014 01:19 AM

Is there an easy way of finging out whether its leaking from the head to header or header to xpipe? Today i put the stock header back on and tick was gone... sounded soo dam# good! I miss not having an exhaust leak!

dawson1112 07-03-2014 02:36 AM

You should be able to look at the header that you took off, on the head side of the flange where it was leaking will be a carbon track. If they are on the car I usually just listen close to where the noise is coming from, and stick my fingers around there to see if I can feel any leaks. If you have some one cover the tail pipe it will usually cause the leak to become very pronounced.

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