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Matt's 95 Stang 09-27-2015 06:30 AM

Starting a new project....could use some input.
So I have a 85 4 banger coupe that was my first car and due to sentimental reasons I wont sell it or give it up. But the 4 cyl in it has given up the ghost and will need to be replaced. Now I could go with another 4 cyl and feel the thrill of 88 HP when I step on the gas, drop a old 5.0 in and enjoy a modest bump in power, or I could get a Coyote and enjoy 400 HP. My heart and brain scream Coyote but my wallet on the other hand....I know there have been a few Coyote swaps done. I know there are a plethora of parts to do a swap. I have read some of the articles and it honestly doesnt seem that hard.

Needed would be:
engine block plus wiring harness, ect. (most expensive parts)
new trans
new suspension
new rear end
new brakes
fuel lines
new instrument cluster

Now before I go too far I dont plan on this being a weekend project, I know its going to take some time. But am I barking up the wrong tree? Am I missing something thats going to kill me and my wallet once I get started? It seems like the swap could be done for under 10K looking at the price of used engines (5-6K), another 2 for trans and driveshaft, 1.2K for suspension, used 8.8 rebuilt for a couple hundred bucks, another 1.5 for brakes....

So let me ask, what am I missing?

Thoughts? Feedback? I know a few members on here have done the swap so what problems did you run into?

Thanks for your time,

mjr46 09-27-2015 10:30 PM

you will exceed your budget on the coyote swap, trust me

yurizx6r 10-05-2015 07:16 AM

Try to find a new/used 302 or stroker motor. Something you know is good. As long as you're under 500 hp, you will not have to worry about anything. Then put in a good set of brakes, suspension, and nice set of gears. You will have fun.

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