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1990 5.0 Notch HD t-5 used to be auto.
This past weekend;
I used blue RTV around the theromstat, at the corners of the intake, and a little around the Throttle Body. Now the exhaust smells like RTV really strong. Did I use the wrong stuff, will this be okay?

Iinstalled the gt40 intake and I didn't see where to hook up thecharcoal canister vacumm line. Is there a place for it, leave it disconnected, orT it in somewhere?

I had really bad scortch marks on my flywheel and PP i gotthe flywheelresurfacedand itfeels grabbie/chattering. would resurfacing help a warped flywheel or is time for a new one? I have only put a couple of miles on the clutch, if I do get a new flywheel can I reuse the clutch?

Also When I replaced my clutch I had the trans out for like 2 weeks. The jack I had under the engine is a piece and it let the pressure out so when I came back the engine was resting on the mounts. The mounts have only a few thousand miles on them and their the vert mounts (HD?)so, is that enough to ruin them. How can you tell they have gone bad. I don't notice any sag, but something is defintely not right. I wish I could elaborate. I don't know if something is rubbing or installed improperly. I will look some more.

My transmission is also pushed up against the tunnel on the passenger side, I didn't notice this before( could this be sign of bad motor mounts? ), this is an auto to manual swap that had been done before but clutch needed to be replaced. I used the auto crossmember with out modification, do I need a new one or can I fix this one. I've read about grinding the welds and moving it around.

I replaced the HD ford clucth with a spec stage 1 I had the flywheel resurfaced and replaced the throwout bearing. I also have an adjustable clutch cable, the issue is the action is at the top of the range. The rod that comes through the fork is hitting the cover, if I tighten the bolts more will it change where the clutch engages toa lower enganging/disengagepoint, and will that make the end push more on the cover.\

Sorry forthe long post with all the questions and thanks in advance.
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