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Default fox body parts interchange

i have bean told about interchanging parts on fox body mustangs. like if you want 31 spline axles, pull the carrier and two right side axles out of a 4.0 explorer. and numerous other things like that. i am wondering if this is true and what else might work for supper low budget junk yard finds.
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No disrespect but you might want to try the search feature on this forum, going over interchangeable parts would make a very long thread, especially when its all been asked before. Google will also be very helpful.

Unless you have a specific part in mind?
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Hopefully this helps?

But if not you can go here.

Throttle Body
Ford Explorer 1996-98 5.0L 65mm req. linkage modification
Save your Fox TB to use the lever in which the cable attaches.

93 to 95 Lightning's
93-95 Cobra
Late 95- Early 97 Explorer (not milled as much as the Cobra GT40s)
1.84/1.54, 62-65cc, labeled with GT in the corner and 3 bars on the end/front

mid 97-01 Explorers = GT40P 1.84/1.48, 60-62CC, angle plug, 4 bars on the front
351W D0OE or C9AE - 69-71 351w's 1.84/1.54, 60-62cc, large straight plug
289 heads - Small chambers
D8OE 351W - (Used on trucks and 87-84 Mustangs) 1.84/1.54, large chambers, good for sc/turbo

Intake Manifold
96-01 Explorer:
96-97 explorers - cobra style intake with internal egr & IAT provisions RF-F87E-9K461-BA
97/98-00 explorers - cobra style intake with cheaper casting & no EGR & no IAT RF-F87E-9K461-BB
5/16-18 x 6" bolts x 4
5/16-18 x 1" bolts x 2
3/8" npt tap for IAT

302 EFI Truck Lower - Holley type design, fits Saleen/Vortec and several box uppers
93-95 Cobra intake
93-95 Lightning
95 Cobra R

MAF Sensor
While many of these meters will work, some will need you to run your own electronics (so you're only using the tube), and MOST will requrie some sort of aftermarket tune to work correctly. From what I've read the only one that is a direct bolt in replacement is the 94/95 5.0 or 3.8 that works with 19lb injectors (part# F2VF-12B579-A1A or A2A)., although I've read yes and no for the 4.6 Thunderbird's 70mm unit when you remove it's electronics and re-use your own
4.6 mass air meters (2v=70mm 4v=80mm)
Lincoln Mark 8, 80mm for 24lb
90mm Lightning MAF for 42# injectors
92-95 SuperCoupe, 70mm for 36's
Ford Mustang 1994-1995 V6 or 5.0L 70mm
Ford Crown Victoria 1992-1994 4.6L 70mm
Lincoln Towncar 1992-1994 4.6L 70mm
Mercury Grand Marquis 1992-1994 4.6L 70mm
94-97 Thunderbird 4.6 70mm housing is a direct bolt on to stock fox maf bracket. (I suspect same housing as 93 cobra.) This appears to be part # F4SF.

Ford 19lb injectors (high impedance) #s: E5TE, D5B, F78E, F6VE
96+ Explorer 5.0 has better 19's than Mustangs
Ford 21lb injectors (high) #s: D9B, F65E (305/350 GM)
Ford 22lb injectors (high) #s: FOTE-D9B (vetts and range rovers)
Ford 23lb injectors (high) #s: F7TE, F8TE (7.5L truck)
Ford 24lb injectors (high) #s: F5DE, F1TZ, F2LE, F2LE-9F593-B2A, FMS-M-9593-A302
Ford 24lb injectors Ford 93-95 Mustang Cobra
Ford 24lb injectors 93-01 Lincoln Mark 8
Ford 24lb injectors other DOHC 4.6
Ford 24lb injectors 88-97 EFI 460's F250-450 & E250-450
Ford 24lb injectors Lincoln Aviator w/4v 4.6
Ford 24lb injectors Lincoln Navigator w/4v 5.4
26lb '00 LS1 F body, maybe '99 to?, same as Ford 24's
Ford 30lb injectors (high) #s: E9SE, F1SE, F1SE-E1A (3.8SC and SuperCoupes)
Ford 30lb injectors: 95/96 Ford 4.0L Explorer & Ranger & Other **I've read confirmed reports of this being wrong check part numbers before you buy! **
Ford 30lb injectors: 89-93 SuperCoupe
Ford 36lb injectors: 94-95 SuperCoupe
Ford 39lb 03-04 Cobra
Ford 42lb 99+ Lightning
Taurus SVO some years had 24s some had 30s

I've noticed that several of the newer 4.6L cars have a newer design thinner injector that appears squared off instead of the round bodies we're all used to*. I pulled a set of 19s in this design and found that 1 of the injectors (cylinder #4 I think) that about a 30* bend on the head of the injector. Don't know if that will cause problems with our cars by spraying the fuel at an intake wall instead of down at the piston.

Much of this info taken from the most complete injector list I've seen yet here.

Be careful if you see injectors that you think may work. If they are "Low Impedance" you can cook your computer.

Please read the Alternative Auto "Every Nut and Bolt" waterbox archive on doing a 351 conversion.

351 Shortblocks
93 to 95 Ford Vans and possible F-150s in these years. Look for part #F4TE
All 351's cast after 1993 should have the risers and bosses to accept a factory roller setup even though many were built as flat hydraulic.

Oil Pan
Oil pan from late 90s crown vic's with 351 is a double hump design and can be used if you plan on doing a 351 conversion in your fox.

Aluminum Driveshaft
92-95 AWD Aerostar, swap yoke(s), 353 (napa) conversion ujoints, 3" dia
96-97 AWD Aerostar, direct bolt on, 3" dia
Crown vic p-71, taxi (crown vics), and 93 mark 8's can be shortened to fit a Mustang, 3.5" dia
There's much discussion about this, most people seem to think that any driveshaft you get from a junkyard will likely need reparied since common practice is to use a forklift to pick the cars up and move them around, thus destroying the driveshaft. If you have personally pulled one, please post your experience (if it needed work, if it was the right length, etc) and if you don't mind sharing the info, what JY you pulled it from. Aerostar shaft is 3" diameter where FMS one is 3.5". This does not seem to be an issue as no one has reported busting an aerostar one yet.

Aluminum diff covers
Crown Vic/Grand Marquis 8.8's
TBird 5.0 and SC IRS covers are ribbed

ID Tags 3L55 and 3L73
87-88 Turbo Coupes, F150, 4.0 Ranger, Bronco II, Explorer, SVO, Lincoln Mark 7 LSC
8.8 3.73 Came in 4.0L 4X4 Rangers and Explorers with a 5 speed.
8.8 4.10 came in 96/97ish newer 4.0 4X4 rangers and explorers. with auto
Most of the two wheel drive 4.0L ranger and Exp. had 3.55 as well as any half ton pickup.
All full size Bronco's had 3.55's and trac lock
87-88 T-bird Turbo coupe auto - 3.73, 5-speed - 3.55
Ford Ranger 4x4 1990+ 4.0L 3.73 M/T
Ford Ranger 4x4 1990+ 4.0L 4.10 A/T
Ford Ranger 4x2 Year? 4.0L 3.55
Ford Explorer Year ?Engine? 3.55
Ford F150 Year? 5.0 or4.6 3.55

Trac lock
Ford F150 84+? 31 spl w/ s sprg
Ford Explorer Year? 5.0L 31 spl w/ s sprg
Ford Bronco 84+? 31 spl w/ s sprg
All 02+ Ford Ranger 31 diff may be limited slip may not, more common with 3.73 and 4.11 gears.

98+ vehicles came with the most updated factory 4R70W.
-5.0/5.8 has the same bell housing as 3.8/4.2/3.9(04 V6 Mustang)
- The aforementioned means you can get a mini starter from V6 mustangs and F-150s.
-Upgrade overdrive band in your AOD to a 2 inch wide from a 4R70W, you will need to find an AODE, and get the reverse sun shell, and get the reverse drum from a 98+ 4R70W with the mechanical intermediate diode.
-93 Mark VIII (ALL were 4R70W equipped) "supposedly" is the best output shaft for your AOD.
-Driveshaft yoke upgrade consists of 4R70W extension housing, and the driveshaft flange that will accompany it.
-Best Overdrive servo for AODs came in Thunder bird Super coupes and 93 model AOD transmissions.
-AOD is identified by Automatic Overdrive written on the pan. If not then there is only one plug with 3 pins on the left side of the case about in the middle right above the pan level.
-4R70W identified by a fluid sump in the middle of the pan and it will read METRIC on it and the output shaft seal will likely be yellow in color.
-AODE is identified by a white plug located on the right rear of the transmission case before the extension housing.
-If in doubt, 1995 was the last year all three transmissions were in production. After that, its all 4R70W (updated from 1993)
-4R70W gears are lower in first and second and will go into an AOD case with no problems. (like putting lower gears in the differential for 1st and 2nd gears!)
T-5 transmissions out of 4cyl mustangs can be used in a 5.0 if you replace your pilot bearing with one of these:
Pilot bushing for a 4cyl. T5 to a 302/351
pilot bushing out of an '84 ranger
AutoZone: Motormite 14672 1984 Ford Ranger 2.2 diesel
Motormite 14657 SVO Mustang
Motormite 14367 ???
AdvanceAuto: #14665 ?

4 lug Drum to Disc conversion parts.

This is for people that want to stick with a 4 lug setup and still convert the rear to disc brakes while keeping their stock axles.

Rear Left & Right Calipers p/n 4508 & 4509 can be found on the following cars:
1993-1993 Ford Mustang
1989-1992 Ford Taurus
1987-1988 Ford Thunderbird
1988-1992 Lincoln Continental
1991-1992 Lincoln Mark VII
1987-1988 Mercury Cougar
1990-1992 Mercury Sable

Grab the rear brake soft lines P/N 380371 & 380372 from:
1994-1998 Ford Mustang

Grab some 4 Lug Rotors p/n 5455 from:
1993-1993 Ford Mustang
1987-1988 Ford Thunderbird

Master Cylinder with the 1 1/8" bore from
1984-1986 Ford Mustang
1974-1989 Lincoln Continental
1984-1989 Lincoln Mark VII

E-Brake cables from:
Ford Racing p/n: M2809A (I'm working on finding junkyard equivalents.)

The other Misc. parts you need are listed at northracecars dot com in their 4-lug disc brake section and other various tutorials regarding disc conversion . The caliper bracket they sell is not something you can pick up in the Junkyard. You could probably find the E-Brake cables in the Junkyard. I'll look into that more and will update my post here after I track down the part.

5 lug swap and other Brakes
-'83-'92 Ranger/Bronco II Left (driver) side axle (29-5/32") from a 4cyl or 3.0L V-6 with the 7.5" rear end,
-'86-'97 Aerostar RIGHT side (passenger) axles (29-5/32")
-9" Ranger/Bronco II Drums

You can use Ranger axles with all brake stuff off an SN95 simply by notching the brackets and flipping the right to left and left to right. I have not confirmed this myself. The 2nd one has better pictures. Due to changing the brackets from outside to inside the mount, the inside of the bracket should be either rounded (grinded down) or use spacers to keep the bracket from chewing into the welds on the back of the mount.

If you like the idea, but you don't want to cut brackets yourself check out the North Racecars brackets here

-95 to 91 Lincoln Mark VII or 84 to 86 SVO front rotors can be used for a 5 lug swap, but will not work with OE wheels past 98 (UNLESS you use freeze plug instead of dust cap)

73mm Front Calipers (Both Steel and Phenolic pistons):
-86-91 Lincoln Mark VII
-86-91 Crown Vic
-SVO Mustang 84-86

Master Cylinder:
-93 Cobra
-94-98 V6 (GT/Cobra = soft pedal?)
-87-89 Turbo Coupe Rear ends w/Gears & 4 lug Disc Brakes

94-95 V6 Mustang complete disc brake 5 lug swap setup (axles are the correct length for foxes and bolt into a fox 8.8). This V6 5 lug info may not be 100% accurate. From everything I've seen all SN95 axles are 3/4" longer than fox axles so you will need more backspacing on the rear wheels.
94-95 V6 & V8 Mustang front spindles for 5 lug (96-98 have different spindles)
99+ Mustangs - aluminum PBR dual piston calipers bolt up to the 94-95 spindles that can be used on foxes. Keep the banjo bolts that come with the newer calipers!

Some info stolen from here. If you're going to do a 5 lug conversion click that link and READ THE WHOLE THING!. There's also several other links in the sticky at the top of the "General Mustang Tech" forum here that has other 5 lug conversion info linked.
link with pictures about doing an SN95 front suspension including steering.

Electrical and other

Good write up with pics on the swap here
These cars have 3G 130A clocked at 12:00 and will require fox bracket notched:
94-95 GT Mustang
94-06 V6 Mustang
94-97 3.8L Thunderbird **NON-S/C**
94-97 V6 t-bird

These cars have 3G 130A or 110A in a larger case clocked where connector will be jammed under the bracket. You can make these work, but they're not the ideal 3G for fox app upgrades:
93/94-99 3.0L Taurus (not 3.8L, check the 93, this may or may not have 3G)
95-98 3.0L Windstar

Small case 3G 95A with correct clocking and correct regulator. Some have incorrect 2 groove pulley, some have correct 6 groove:
92-94 3.0L Aerostar (early 92s were 2G not 3G, so check before you buy)
96-97 F series pickup with a 7.5L

Some of these use larger cased alternator, but can work, not all 3G's were 130a, see info here

Other, not sure of their clocking or output:
94-04 3.8 (-98? small case, 95a?)
3.8L 94-97 T-bird/cougar
94-96 F-150 5.0L and 5.8L came with both 130A and 95A

3G's with WRONG casing:
3.8L Windstar does not seem to have the correct housing.
3.8L Taurus

Other Electrical
The bracket and megafuse holder off of a 97 Expedition can be used in conjunction with the 3G upgrade. The bracket houses 2 175amp megafuse in separate carriers with individual covers. Also found them on a 97 F250. Cut down, drill two 1/4" holes and they'll mount to the coil bracket.

Don't forget to pick up some extra relays. These cost over $10 at most auto parts stores and are pocket items at the JY. I always keep a spare in my car incase my fuel pump relay goes.

High Torque Mini Starters
*check B4 u buy, some years may be standard "big" starters, since these came standard on the 92/93 5.0L I'd guess they were harder to find on other cars b4 those years and easier to find after*
(1992-96) Ford Bronco 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L w/ AT
(1992-02) Ford E Series 4.2L, 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L
(1992-98) Ford F Series 4.2L, 4.9L, 5.0L, 5.8L
(1990-91) Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis 5.0L
(1994-04) Ford Mustang 3.8L
(1992-95) Ford Mustang 5.0L
(1990) Ford Thunderbird 3.8L/Supercharged
(1991-97) Ford Thunderbird 3.8L, (1991-93) 5.0L
(1990-92) Lincoln Mark VII 5.0L
(1990) Lincoln Town Car 5.0L

(1982-91) Ford Mustangs 5.0L (302 CID) All
(1968-79) Ford Mustangs 5.0L (302 CID) w/ AT
(1969-73) Ford Mustangs 5.8L (351 CID) w/ AT

Electric Fans
94+ Mustang v6
94-96 Cougar
3.8L 88-95 Taurus or
3.8L 88-94 Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Mark 8
Ford Contour and FWD Mercury Cougar dual fans
Dodge Intrepid dual fans
Grand Marquis
Ford Windstar/Mercury Villager
98-00? Mercury Mystique
Nissan Quest minivan and Mercury Villager fan is said to be a perfect fit
"seem to fit based on your level of tolerance to fabricate brackets and such from what I've read. Personally, I have a 2 spd from a 94 Villager." 1BAD6T6
Link to good write-up on changing to Mark 8 Fan
Late 5.0 Cougars have nice alum. radiators (these fit the Mark 8 electric fans really good)

4 Cylinder front springs
SVO Front end - (better k member, control arms, 73mm calipers)
T-bird front control arms (longer than mustang) wide track (same as SN-95?)
94-04 A-arms can replace your existing Fox A-Arms. This is probably only done by those with a 79 to 86 chassis, upgrading their brakes, since the K-Member is narrower. The longer A-Arms put your tires out where they should be. Maximum Motorsports talks about the advantages on a Fox here.
Manual steering racks and brake pedals on early Mustangs

85 PS Pulley (much larger than 86+), also check mid 80's Thunderbird/Cougars
Any 3g style alt pulley on a 2g
D9ZE-8509-AA WP pulley, 5 1/2" dia., SSP WP Pulley? possibly 85-86 as well, 80's Crown Vic 302
93 Cobra crank pulley

Power adders
There's been several thread on DIY junkyard twin turbo setups. If someone's got a link to add lemme know!
courtesy of ocshaman:
BUICK GNX 87 3.8L GAR TB0348
BUICK Monte Carlo/Regal 78-83 3.8L carbed GAR TB0348
BUICK Riviera 80-85 3.8L GAR TB0308
BUICK Grand National/T-Type 86-87 3.8L (Intercooled) GAR TB0348 (TA48)
BUICK Trans Am 89 3.8L GAR TB0348 (water)
BUICK Century 78 3.8L GAR TB0301
BUICK Century 79 3.8L GAR TB0304
BUICK Century 80 3.8L GAR TB0308

CHEVY Sprint 1.0L IHI RHB31
CHEVY Spectrum 85-90 1.5L IHI RHB521

CHRYSLER Conquest, Intercooled 87 2.6L MHI TD05
CHRYSLER Laser (Auto) 90-94 2.2L MHI TD04
CHRYSLER Laser (Manual) 90-94 2.2L MHI TD05H
CHRYSLER LeBaron 89-92 2.5L MHI TE04H
CHRYSLER LeBaron 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
CHRYSLER New Yorker 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
CHRYSLER New Yorker 84-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
CHRYSLER Town & Country 88 2.2L MHI TE04H
CHRYSLER Town & Country 84-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
CHRYSLER Charger/Shelby 87-90 2.2L GAR TB03 (water)
CHRYSLER Shelby CSX-Daytona/Baron GTC/Shadow ES 89-90 2.2L GAR TB03 VNT (variable nozzle)

DODGE 600 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE 600 85-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
DODGE Aries 88 2.2L MHI TE04H
DODGE Caravan 89-90 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE Conquest (Intercooled) 87 2.6L MHI TD05
DODGE Daytona 89-92 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE Daytona Shelby 88 2.2L MHI TE04H
DODGE Daytona Shelby 84-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
DODGE Lancer 89 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE Lancer 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE Lancer 85-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
DODGE Omni 85-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
DODGE Shadow 89-92 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE Shadow 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
DODGE Shadow 87 2.2L GAR TB0335
DODGE Spirit 89-92 2.5L MHI TE04H

EAGLE Talon (Manual) 90-94 2.0L MHI TD05H (45 trim)
EAGLE Talon (Auto) 90-95 2.0L MHI TD04
EAGLE Talon (Manual) 95-98 2.0L MHI T25 (45 trim)

FORD Mustang GT 85-86 2.3L GAR TB0344
FORD Mustang GT/T-bird 83-84 GAR (AiR) TB0344
FORD Probe GT 88-92 2.2L IHI RHB52W
FORD T-Bird 85-86 2.3L (auto) GAR (AiR) TB0344 (45 trim oil only)
FORD T-Bird 85-86 2.3L (Manual) GAR (AiR) TB03 60 trim (watercooled)
FORD T-Bird 87-88 (water) IHI RHB52
FORD Fiesta 90+ 1.6L GAR T2
FORD Escort 84-86 IHI RHB5

ISUZU MPR Truck 88-92 IHI RHB6-A

MAZDA 626, MX6 88-92 2.2L IHI RHB52W
MAZDA 323 GTX turbo 88-89 1.6L IHI RHB52W (water)

MERCEDES 300D, SDT, TD 78-84 3.0L GAR TA0301
MERCEDES 300SDL 78-83 3.0L GAR TA0301
MERCEDES 300SDL (Calif.) 86-87 3.0L GAR TB0359

MERCURY Capri 85-86 2.3L GAR TB0344
MERCURY Cougar 85-86 2.3L GAR TB0344
MERKUR XR4Ti 85-88 2.3L GAR TB0344

MITSUBISHI Eclipse (Auto) 90-94 2.2L MHI TD04
MITSUBISHI Eclipse (Manual) 90-94 2.2L MHI TD05H
MITSUBISHI Eclipse (Manual) 95-98 2.0L MHI T25 (45 trim)
MITSUBISHI Galant (Auto) 88-94 2.2L MHI TD04
MITSUBISHI Galant (Manual) 88-94 2.2L MHI TD05H
MITSUBISHI Starion (Intercooled) 85-87 2.6L MHI TD05

PLYMOUTH Acclaim 89-92 2.5L MHI TE04H
PLYMOUTH Caravelle 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
PLYMOUTH Caravelle 85-87 2.2L GAR TB0335
PLYMOUTH Conquest, Intercooled 85-89 2.6L MHI TD05
PLYMOUTH Laser (Auto) 89-94 2.0L MHI TD04
PLYMOUTH Laser (Manual) 89-94 2.0L MHI TD05H
PLYMOUTH Sundance 89-92 2.5L MHI TE04H
PLYMOUTH Sundance 88 2.5L MHI TE04H
PLYMOUTH Sundance 87 2.2L GAR TB0335
PLYMOUTH Voyager 89-90 2.5L MHI TE04H

PONTIAC Sunbird GT 88-90 2.0L GAR T2
PONTIAC Sunbird GT 84-86 1.8L GAR T2
PONTIAC Grand Prix 89-90 3.1L GAR T25 (water)

SAAB 9000 (16V Intercooled) 87-88 2.0L GAR TB0356
SAAB 900 (16V Intercooled) 87 2.0L GAR TB0339 (Oilcld)
SAAB 900 (16V Intercooled) 84-86 2.0L GAR TB0339 (Oilcld)
SAAB 9000 (16V Intercooled) 85-86 2.0L GAR TB0343
SAAB 900 (8V, APC) 82-84 2.0L GAR TB0321

VOLVO 200 82-84 2.3L GAR TB0313
VOLVO 740 89-93 2.3L MIT TD04H
VOLVO 740 87-89 2.3L MIT TD05
VOLVO 760 89-93 2.3L MIT TD04H
VOLVO 760 87-89 2.3L MIT TD05
VOLVO 780 85-87 2.3L GAR TB0363
VOLVO 780 90 2.3L MIT TD04H
VOLVO 780 87-89 2.3L MIT TD05
VOLVO 940 91-93 2.3L MIT TD04H
VOLVO 200 Watercooled Upgrade 82-84 2.3L GAR TB0368
VOLVO 740 (Oil Cooled) 83-85 2.3L GAR TB0326
VOLVO 740 (Watercooled) 85-87 2.3L GAR TB0363
VOLVO 760 (Oil Cooled) 83-86 2.3L GAR TB0326
VOLVO 760 (Watercooled) 85-87 2.3L GAR TB0363

VW Passat, 97+ (oil) 1.8L GAR GT15

GAR=Garrett, AiR=AiResearch, MHI=Mitsubishi Heavy industries, MIT=Mitsubishi
This is a list of turbos from a junkyard that you might find for a twin setup. Most people go with turbo coupe to Merkur turbos. Turbostangman uses Gn turbos and used Eclipse turbos. For single turbo setups, check out any diesel truck that you might run into.
GM uses a turbo on their 6.5 L diesel that some guys run
and some guys are getting into Holset turbos from Cummins Diesel. There is also Ford turbo diesel, and anything you could get off a big rig, but that would be getting too big for most people. A turbo JY upgrade is not for the noob, so be sure you've got lots of time, hopefully a couple friends to help and some cash for the stuff you just can't get at the JY.

1998 GT seats drop right into a 1986 LX. Manual seats work, power seats = unknown. U can use the 1998 seat rails or the stock 1986 seat rails. The 1998 seat rails are a tad lower than the 1986 seat rails. These seats are a massive improvement from the buckets that came in my LX. And only cost $40 total (from the Pick-A-Part) for both seats + rail/brackets.

-Lowers driver seating position by .5-.75 inches
-Has hip & side bolsters.
-Firmer seat and back cushion/foam for less "bouncy" feel.
-5 Lbs lighter per seat
-Seat back actually locks in place so that when you stomp on the brakes the seat back doesn't try to push you forward.

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