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Default 400 Horsepower 1988 302ci??

Hey I am trying to get my car to ~400 HP to the flywheel (hoping around 350-375 to the wheels)
I have a 1988 Mustang 5.0 engine and I'm putting it in a 68 mustang.
I've read that the 68 is ~300 lbs lighter than an 88.
So far, I am planning on adding:
1) Elgin E-951-P Performance Cam from AM. Comp Cams recommended a similar cam with slightly higher lifter and longer duration, but for $200 more I'll stick with this one.
2) AFR 185cc Heads
3) Tri-Y Headers
I read an article that claimed after cleaning up the engine, adding afr heads, tri-y headers, and upgraded rocker arms that they got the car pushing just over 400 hp to the flywheel. Not sure how accurate it was thought because they claimed after cleaning up the engine and throwing on a single 4 barrel carb manifold they gained ~50 hp or something like that.
I had the engine boiled and the cylinders looked to be in great shape so I didn't have them bored out, only honed. I'm going to use the same pistons and just get a re-ring kit. I'm also going to carbs, I have a dual 4 barrel carb intake manifold from edelbrock that I'm going to use and 2 4 barrel elderbrock carbs. I am also going to go from the c4 auto trans that came with it to a 5-speed manual (IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO BUY ONE CHEAP, PLEASE TELL ME! THANKS ) and I have a 9" posi rear end right now, but I will probably be switching to an 8.8" rear end with ~3.55-3.73 gears.
I want to keep the car streetable. I just want a crazy amount of horsepower without going to super/turbo chargers. I want to be able to keep up with the new 2011+ 5.0 mustangs
Thanks so much guys!
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You will see about 250HP at the flywheel with the build you outlined....
400HP from a 302 costs a lot of money and it won't be 'streetable' either.
This is experience speaking.
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That cam and those heads do not go together. A cam in the 225 duration and 0.500 lift will get you into the 350 flywheel hp area with those heads, assuming the intake ports reasonably match the head ports, which will be a lot of fun in a classic Mustang. The cam you've selected will choke the engine power, but will put out a lot of torque down low, and get decent gas mileage.
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That is where I got the build list from. I've heard car craft was a reliable source to pull info from
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Usually a na 400hp 302 is a 347.
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Somebody had vodka for breakfast before they wrote that carcraft article. But with those heads, a better cam and a really good intake like a victor jr. or a trick flow "R" series to let the motor breathe and a good free flowing exhaust with long tube headers I can see you making 360-370 crank HP. My 5.0 made 306WHP with similar parts. Plenty of motor to keep up with a stock coyote at the strip.
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Originally Posted by justme123 View Post
I've read that the 68 is ~300 lbs lighter than an 88.

And an '88 is a good 400 lbs. or so lighter than a 2011+ if I recall.

Like bluebeastsrt said, you're probably not gonna need 400 hp to keep up with a Coyote with your circa 700 lb. weight advantage, as long as you can get the power to the ground.
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Yep, I'd lower your hp goals and exploit your weight advantage. Check my sig, you don't need 400hp to run with the new stuff.
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higher lift/duration in a solid roller with a r series intake and full free flowing exhaust is as close as you will get with a 302
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i would skip the whole na concept. i would just jump right to an on3 turbo kit and raise boost till the block splits
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