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Roush Supercharger Oil Change

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Default Roush Supercharger Oil Change

Have any Roush supercharger owners here changed their supercharger oil? I'm not finding much information online about where the drain and fill plugs are located. I might be able to figure it out on my own by looking at the unit, but some published instructions would be nice.
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I'm following your thread too. I have an 06 mustang GT with an M90 Roush supercharger kit that's got about 90000 miles and I'd like some advice on which oil to use.
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I'm going out on a limb because I googled all this info for you to include the Roush owner's manual and there isn't any supercharger oil changes. There are recommendations for a oil separator to be installed between the valve cover and the back of the supercharger to prevent oil from entering the supercharger and fowling up the intake. Perhaps someone from Roush will chime in at some point. I see 08MustangDude saved the day once again below. Bravo.

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my 1996 Riviera had a torx screw very near the supercharger pulley. You unscrew it and use a suction device to remove the oil...that oil stank like a dirty diaper!!! then you just add new oil and boom...good go to go.
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You can most certainly change the oil in some super-chargers. It may be an undocumented
issue, but it can be done.

Here is an example for a Whipple:

Another EXAMPLE:
M90 Supercharger Oil Flush/Change

This procedure is for Series 1 M62 (92-95). The Series 2 M90 (96-03) uses 2 bottles of SC oil, and has the drain plug on the front.

1. Go to the GM dealer and buy 2 bottles of Supercharger Oil P/N 10953513. If you're not going to flush the cone, one bottle will be more than enough.

2. Pull the smaller of the two covers off the blower, on the pulley end of the supercharger (passenger side of the engine compartment). You'll see a small plug (1/4" NPT if you know your plumbing sizes) out of the nose cone assembly (you'll need an allen wrench). You don't want it hot, but make sure it's warm. Wipe any debris or dirt off the nose cone in and around the plug before removal.

3. Put a Jack under the Front A-arm or sub-frame on the driver's side and raise it. This will force the oil towards the pulley end of the nose cone and make it easier to suck out.

4. Get 2 large syringes from your local drug dealer or farm/feed supply, and some 1/4" tubing from the auto parts store. A foot will do for each syringe. Press the tubing onto the end of each syringe, and use one to
suction the oil out through the fill hole.

5. Refill it with a clean syringe and tubing, not a funnel, because you have to see when the oil reaches the bottom edge of the threads.

6. Re-install the 1/4" NPT plug in the nose cone assembly. If you're flushing (recommended), start the car and let it run for a minute or two, and repeat step 4, always using one syringe to empty, and the other to fill. The last time you fill it, let it off the jack (level car) before
filling it.

7. Re-install the wire harness cover.

There seems to be a lot of different views on the intervals too.
KB says 12K for their system.
Saleen says 5k for their twin-screw blowers with older oil, 50k with the newer NYE oil.
Whipple say 30k if you use synthetic 50w gear oil.
Roush every 30K Miles using 5w-50 Synthetic Oil.

If you were to call Saleen tech support, they may tell you every 5,000 miles.

American Muscle says; The official correct way to change supercharger oil is to remove
the blower from the engine. Then, remove the plug, and drain the oil. This can sometimes,
depending on the model, need the supercharger to be tilted a certain way for a long period
of time. This is to let all the oil drain out. Once completely drained, fill with the correct
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Thank you 08mustangdude.
I really appreciate it.
You da man
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