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Old 12-03-2011, 08:20 AM   #61
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Originally Posted by 1990lxhatch View Post
Look, this is all being blown out of proportion. My "taboo" statement was directly relevant to the post to which I replied. I couldn't with honesty say there was no way to do it [keep the PCM clean]. So, I chose the most direct way of mentioning that doing so was something I wouldn't help you with.

If my text comes off curt, it's because I've grown tired of mickey mouse internet accusations of "you implied this" or "you suggested that". It's childish. That's the thing with text though I guess - its not spoken word so the emotion is subjective... but my posts should be taken for face value because that's how I've treated other such complete statements. I never said "hey everyone here is trying to commit fraud?" I mentioned specific circumstances relevant to the discussion.

I'll apologize for getting rudely defensive. But when my "calm", direct statements are twisted into hyperbole the natural reaction is to use a little shift key
I couldn't agree more, this thread and the "truth about the MT-82" thread, have basically become a flame war and its getting annoying pretty fast. We don't have many facts at this point and everyone is just arguing their own speculation like what they have to add to the conversation is set in stone. Which isn't true.

I don't think the majority of the members here are trying to commit fraud, which it sounded like thats how you were coming off a couple of posts ago. The way I feel about it, if someone wants to do that its their own decision and thats up to Ford to deal with, its not our jobs, we don't work for Ford and its not up to us whether that person was right or wrong. Yea it may be wrong, and I'm not saying I agree with it, but its frankly not our business what another consumer chooses to tell a dealer when they take their car in for inspection.
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Changing to virgin is not fraud!!! If you have no damage and just want to get rid of your tune. So why even mention knowing how to do it if you do not plan to share? Conflict of interest(BS), just give it up or go away.
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Originally Posted by jimj3125 View Post
Changing to virgin is not fraud!!! If you have no damage and just want to get rid of your tune. So why even mention knowing how to do it if you do not plan to share? Conflict of interest(BS), just give it up or go away.
Yeah? And if my aunt had a dick she'd be my uncle. What kind of discussion are we having here JIM??????? Call me nuts but it looks like I'm in thread about mods replying to posts about getting rid of mod evidence.

Furthermore, you don't know me and have absolutely no credibility one way or another in my conflict of interest and you obviously struggle with reading comprehension. HOLY **** HOW FRUSTRATING!!!

Tell you what. I'll start posting in a kind, thoughful, sensitive and completely supportive manner when people quit posting **** like this. If you people want a forum with integrity you'll quit simply ignoring stupidity like this and start chiming in and doing something about it.

Oh, BTW someone already mentioned how to do it. I'm not keeping secrets, just chosing what I will and won't be a part of

I'm not here to **** in anyone's drink but simply going on oblivious to some of the ignorance on here is frankly MORE disappointing than the ignorance itself.

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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post

The drop-in filters add no RWHP. Yeah, they may flow marginally better than the OE filter (and certainly not as much as even a stand-alone, no tune required CAI) but not enough to make a pubic hair's worth of difference. On top of that, ANY air flow increase without a tune is near-worthless.

And I'm afraid, after seeing you quote the Ford tune's published gains and bellieve the drop-in filter advertised hype, that you seriously need to step back and consider what you're buying. Advertised #'s are 99% BS.
and 90% of statistics are made up!

im sorry i couldn't resist.

as far as the pcm business is concerned. why couldn't you get an extra pcm from a car exactly like yours and use that one for your tunes/mods.

that way you keep your original stock pcm virgin.

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Its very simple. If you have plans to mod a new car, DON'T buy warranty, and if you bought warranty and decided to mod anyways, cancel your warranty and save some money. A dealer can void warranty for almost any mod you make. I bought my car thinking it was awesome having warranty and not having to worry about it breaking down. then the car got boring so I cancelled the warranty and started modding.
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