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Default DiabloSport inTune installed

Well, I have had a few days to play with the new inTune handheld tuner from DiabloSport on my 2011 GT. First thing I did is plug the unit into my laptop and let it auto-update. After the update was complete (5min) I went to my car and quickly uploaded a tune. The initial PCM Flash was very smooth and event free. The user interface on the inTune is easy to use and understand. Push a few buttons when prompted to and turn ignition on and off a few times and that was it! Total PCM flash time was approximately 15 min. from start to finish.

I went straight for the 93 Octane Performance Tune thatís preloaded on the inTune and didnít change any of their parameters. (Note that I donít have any engine mods yet, just some suspension and axle-back mufflers.) The tuner also comes with several options for different intakes preloaded and covers most aftermarket intakes available for Mustangs.

My first impressions of this tune are that there is a drastic increase in throttle response over the stock Ford drive by wire which has a lag. This is the way it should have come from Ford! Mid range power is very noticeable. I have also noticed an increase in fuel mileage by a few MPG. On the way to work I normally set the cruise control at 55 and have a leisurely drive through the country getting around 24-25 MPG. With the 93 Octane tune I got 26-27 MPG.

After the MPG test drive I went back to the house to see what kind of adjustments I could make to the tune. I was able to navigate the menu with ease and find the adjustable parameters. Here is the list of adjustments I saw: Axle Ratio, Enable Gear/Tire change, Fuel Table 2k-4k / 4k-7k, Global Spark Adder, MAF Curve, Neutral Idle, All Rev Limiters, Spark Advance 2k-4k / 4k-7k, Speed Limiter, Tire Revs per Mile, Adjustable Cam Timing(V6 and GT only), Drive Idle (auto only).

When you plug the inTune into your car it will figure out what car it is and what was installed from the factory (i.e.) gear ratios and tire size etc... It correctly picked my axle ratio, tire size and transmission type based on my VIN. Because I am nosey I checked the gear ratios option and there was every conceivable gear set option you could ever need/use to choose from.

I decided to change the Rev limiters (7 in total) because the limiters were preset a little high by DiabloSport for my taste. The #1 limiter option was set at 7700 RPM and my opinion is this is a bit high for a stock GT 5.0 so I brought them down to 7000 RPM.

I was also curious how well the Data Logger tool worked on the inTune. I cruised on the highway for about 10 min and logged every second. I then took a few 0-75 runs down a long deserted road and saved each file separately for later review. After I had some run files stored on the tuner I plugged the inTune into my laptop and I opened up the data viewer program I downloaded from the DiabloSport website. I was able to view everything (and I mean everything!) that was going on with the car as several graph pages and digital and analog gauges. You can click any box of information you want to review, or review everything at once. You also have several options on how you can view the information gathered during the run. You can also view the data real-time by plugging your laptop to the inTune while the car is running.

When plugged into your computer the inTune appears as an external hard drive to your PC. All tunes and logs are stored here. Loading custom tunes couldn't be easier; you just drag and drop them into the external USB drive. You can store as many custom tunes as you could ever need on this tool. It uses dual processors so it is fast and has over 1 gig of memory.

I am impressed with this tuner! Everything you need is in one tool in the palm of your hands. Tuner, Scan Tool, Data Logger and live data viewer all in one. The support forum on the DiabloSport website is great for help from other users or direct from DiabloSport too.

I am really looking forward to see what the actual hp numbers are, and doing some tuning adjustments on the Dyno! The guys at Performance AutoSport here in Richmond, VA are preparing for a race so Iíll get some dyno time when they are back.
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