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The only "awesome" advice you'll get is, it's under warranty, take it to the dealer...unless you feel that you don't want to have it fixed under warranty and wish to chase it down yourself so as to fix it yourself? ($$).

I think the best advice besides that is to top off the oil, track it daily. 2 1/2 qts doesn't just magically disappear without being seen either as black smoke or on the ground.

You could have someone drive behind you and see if they spot any smoke. Have them tail you as you do some WOT accelerations from a stop and from 20mph. They will see it clearly if it's blowing out the tailpipes.

Or, do a cylinder leak down test...again, this will cost you time ($$) and money ($$) if you don't have the proper tools. And again, if you don't plan on fixing it yourself why bother?
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Originally Posted by 05xrunner View Post
So tonight i checked my oil. I just changed my oil like only 2500miles ago. Last few days i thought I smelled a faint oil smell when driving. I just figured it was some crappy cars around me. Checked it tonight and dipstick had pretty much none on it and ended up being like 2.5qt low. Car has only 10,700miles WTF, there is no oil anywhere outside. not one wet spot under car, nothing in engine bay and nothing on floors. So it must be burning it up like mad. It didnt burn a drop from time i got it till my first oil change. I dont get on the car hard much at all either. Its dove pretty much like a grandpa majority of the time trying to see how high i can get my MPG in city. When I took off oil cap there was a very faint bit of smoke in there. I don know if maybe it was the #8 issue or what. but the car is stock engine wise. So hopefully dealer can figure it out.
As stupid as this sounds, make sure your dipstick is for the 5.0 TiVCT and not the V6 3.7L TiVCT. It sounds extremely absurd, but it has happened before.
Since your car is used, the previous owner could have lost the original dipstick and put in the V6 dipstick instead, which is much shorter.
As a result, if you fill your engine according to a V6 3.7L dipstick. you are overfilling your engine which can be as dangerous to your engine as not having enough oil.

When you go to your appointment, make sure to ask the tech to write on the order to confirm that your dipstick is the correct one.

Other than the other possible causes already beaten to death in this thread, this is the only other possible cause of a low oil reading on the dipstick.
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Gary Ugarek
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Its a ford, they burn oil and gas and haul a lot of ***.

Deal with it.

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Many manufactures (VW, Porsche, BMW, etc.) would consider the loss of 2 qts in 10k miles as "normal". Just something to think about. I think my car used just a little over a qt its first 10,000 miles. No big deal. I ran the 5w-20 for the first 10k, its now running 5w-30.

BTW a modern lean burning fuel injected engine could go through 2 qts in 10k miles and you would never see it at the exhaust pipe. That's only .006 of an oz per mile, that aint gonna show up as smoke.

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So it was at the dealer for a consumption test. They said its within spec. It burned off tad more then 2qt in about 3000 miles which made me take it in. I went about 2700 miles since they started the consumption and they said it burned off a qt and they topped me off. after I got home I pulled the dipstick and they only filled it to mid way hash marks on the dipstick not the actual marked full line it was marked at. So it burned off around 2qt not 1..but they tell me its within spec cause 1qt every 1000 miles is within ford spec. That is BS and that dealer sucks to
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It's normal for these things to go through oil (I was at a quart every 2k mi), and believe it or not, a bad PCV/catch can will cause havoc. My consumption finally stabilized around 35,000 miles.
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