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kdryan 07-06-2013 05:54 PM

Mirror cover flew off?
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Hi guys, as I was going to a car show today, the painted mirror cover I bought from you suddenly started vibrating real fast and then flew off. I followed the instructions for prepping the mirror and installing the cover to the letter, so I don't see why this would happen. I went back for the cover, but just as I was about to pick it up in the roadway, some ass-hat ran over it and broke it in two pieces. I've only had these on for a few weeks. Is there any chance of getting a replacement for the broken side?


Edit: Here is a picture of the one that flew off...

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AMWill 07-08-2013 12:11 PM


Sorry to hear about your mirror covers! I'm not sure why there didn't hold up, especially since you followed the listed instructions. Did they seem to seat correctly when initially installed?

Regardless, just sent all of your info over to one of my best guys. He's going to give you a call within the next 24 business hours and work something out with you. I'm sure he'll be able to take care of you, but give me a shout if you need any other assistance!


calistang05 07-08-2013 12:36 PM

When I put mine on I used extra M3 tape for more strength to hold up against freeway wind pressure.

kdryan 07-08-2013 01:13 PM

Wow, you weren't kidding. I just got the call and everything is totally copacetic...

Thanks, Shane!

AMWill 07-09-2013 10:06 AM

No problem at all. Happy to help!


kdryan 07-10-2013 05:05 PM

Holy crap! The new covers arrived today! Thanks for the help, Shane. You guys rock when it comes to customer service. :)

SyNdicateZ 07-13-2013 01:18 AM

Make sure u install them right this timeeeeeee! :)

bronxbomba63 07-14-2013 10:30 AM

AM is top notch! Glad you got your replacements, now make sure they don't fly off! :)

kdryan 07-14-2013 12:01 PM

I installed them exactly as the instructions stated... :)

rvastang 07-17-2013 10:11 AM

I had trouble with mine on a 2014. The driver's side one fit like a glove, but the passenger side one had a big gap around the top and one side. The rep from AM was exceptionally helpful, but I just couldn't get that side to fit. I tried two sets before I ended up returning them and going back to stock.

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