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01blackbullit 07-18-2014 09:35 AM

Pouring coolant from bottom front of engine
Hey Guys, Just picked up the car a couple weeks ago and a couple nights ago I noticed there was some squealing going on thought maybe it was my power steering. didn't drive to far and drove cautiously home. When I got out of the car I noticed a bit of steam coming form the hood so I popped it and tried to locate where the steam was coming from but could not pin point, i carefully removed the coolant reservoir cap and a ton of pressure got released and it was completely empty which is odd because i did not have a low coolant light on. The next morning I filled it up with some water and drove it to work once the engine got warm enough to circulate water through the system the squealing stopped completely, so when I got home I checked the reservoir again to be safe and it was empty again.... so I went and poured some water in and looked down below and it starts pouring out just as soon as I put it in the reservoir without even turning the car on. I didn't have time to diagnose it at the time but noticed that it was leaking out somewhere towards the bottom possibly by the water pump just above the sway bar. Car never really overheated and it definitely stayed at standard operating temps when I first filled it with water. My thoughts are a bad water pump but wanted to get some more opinions before I went and threw parts at the car...

Thank you so much!

dawson1112 07-18-2014 10:15 AM

I would guess a bad hose someplace or the overflow res is cracked, if its pouring out as fast as you put it in. Usually water pumps leak is a trickle ( not always ) but usually doesn't leak as soon as you poor water in. I suggest you get the car up on stands and get under with a flash light and have someone pour water in so you can locate the exact leak.

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