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MachRog 07-20-2014 02:30 PM

1970 Mach1 Spaghetti wiring? Need an electric Guru
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I got bored last night and took the dash apart to start getting ready to fix the radio in my 1970 Mach1. This is what I found.... lots of wires, many not attached or plugged to anything. Can someone tell me what each is for?

(*I have a wiring diagram book for the Mach coming but its not here yet).

The 1st pic is what I saw when I took out the dash panel on passenger side.

Not sure what the wire plugs in pics 2 & 4 are for, or the white wires in pic 3.

5th pic is of a set of two black wires that are connected to the frame by way of the dash bracket (You can see where it is connected behind my hand!) I think they were trying to ground something... maybe radio?

Thick cable with straight male plug in background is the antenna im fairly confident.


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