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Default RE: Restomod vs. Restoration Prices

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I hope you are not thinking that restorations or restomods are in the 5k ball park. I quit counting at $12,000 on my restomod and I think I'm at about $20,000. I'll add it up when I'm done.
No no, not at all. I mean an average $5K difference between the two. Not total amounts. I have been fixing things here and there on my dear departed grandpa's Falcon for a good 5 years now, I know better than that
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Default RE: Restomod vs. Restoration Prices




The possibilties with a restomod are endless but the majority of well done originals usually cost more IMO.
What do you know? You can't even fix a flat tire. Nah, restomods, depending on the extent you want to take them, are generally a lot more expensive because of the special parts needed. Special parts are more expensive because of the market value. For instance. A 289 engine that gets an overhaul with nothing special but original specs will run you a ton less than a hopped up woopty do 500 HP engine. Another example: A hood for a 65 that is original, but prepped for paint, will run you a ton less than a cowl hood or a shaker hoood. These are just simple examples, but you might get the point. How about that special aftermarket restomod gauge pod?
But how many of those 500hp 'Stangs do you actually see vs the all original Stickers In Place, Correctly Painted ones? That's why I said that you could spend more on a restomod but for example I won't spend nearly as much as you probably did. 90lx, don't listen to Soaring...he rarely knows what he's talking about
Yeah flat tire, I am 'toopid" and am old. So, now I am going to bed 'cause it's late for this old man. The fish are fed, the dog went for a walk, and the cat chitter is clean.
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