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Default the 67 update - 56k go make a sandwich

well, i haven't been able to work on it much lately but heres what i covered over in a few days time. i know some of it looks ugly but it's going to be covered up, so i don't care. it's not a concours trailer queen or show car, it's meant to be driven so i don't mind.

sanded everything down somewhat, cleaned the engine bay, painted it, ospho'd the underside of the car for rust, replaced all the floor pans, the whole front end, shock tower assemblies etc. replaced the whole, WHOLE trunk, repainted the gas tank etc. on and on. pain in the *** but now i can start putting things together again

my dad getting the front radiator crap lined up and ready to weld on

new trunk sides, back brace etc.

painted the tank aluminium. looks good when its in

all new floor pans , stripped dash down to get ready to be painted

all the holes in the floor, wheel arches etc are filled with evercoat tiger hair ( didn't bother sanding much of it off due to it being covered up anyway i don't care)

don't care about the lumpyness as it will be undercoated, as you can see the frame turned colors already from the Ospho, and you can see the new rear frame rail extensions.

front radiator stuff being ready to weld on (and my dad)

painted! as i said i dont' care about the lumpy parts in certain places as they will not be seen.


that's about it. i'll post pics later on with my instrument cluster restoration and trim pieces, along with the 8.8" axle, driveshaft and all that jazz.

this was about 5-6 days of work getting up at around 8am til about 6pm at night so i've put some time into this thing. thank god i won't fall out on the ground now when i drive it or have the front end fall off or the rear cave in if i got hit. lol

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Default RE: the 67 update - 56k go make a sandwich

oh looks exactly like mine. and we have the same welder too. miller 130xp. nice. at our floor pans look exactly the same too lol.
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Default RE: the 67 update - 56k go make a sandwich

Wow, thats alot of work you got done. Great job bud, it looks good!

Now do mine
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Default RE: the 67 update - 56k go make a sandwich

That is looking good. As I recall this was the car with spoiler/no spoiler thread. I used the various pictures you have posted to convince a friend looking at a classic that exterior looks can be deceiving. I showed him some of the early pictures you posted showing this beautiful looking car and then I showed him what you found under the back seat...I believe it was the ground, wasn't it? Anyway he took the really sharp 67 he was looking at to amechanic who put it up on a lift and found the back seat was basically sitting on carpet and little else.
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Default RE: the 67 update - 56k go make a sandwich

Excellent work man. Seeing progress like that helps me keep motivated with mine
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