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which engine is best for my 67 coupe?

Old 08-28-2008, 01:21 PM
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Default which engine is best for my 67 coupe?

i am eventually going to build up a new motor for my 67 coupe. it has a 289 in it now, and i plan on getting the c4 rebuild with a shift kit and a performance rebuild. i was wondering what motor is best for high horsepower and torque, but streetable as well. i want to make a good amount of low end torque. like i said its a street motor not a track motor. id like to make about 400hp. is a 302 good for that or would a 351w be better?
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If you are going to go with a 351...go with a Cleveland. That's whats in my 72 and its an awesome motor. honestly though for your application i could go either way, they are both amazing motors, but i recommend the 351!
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Go with the 351w . Windsor vs Cleveland.. your choice really however the Windsor is generally easier to work on with more available aftermarket parts and if I remember correctly typically was a stronger block. Many of the parts from your 289 will also fit the Windsor but not the Cleveland as it belongs to a different engine family. Note: The arguments for and against each are vicious.

If you decide on the 351w go with a set of JBA Mid-Length Headers (1/2 way down this page). They bolt on and fit without having to 'make' them fit. I was out last month in a 67 FB with a 351w, these JBA headers and a FlowMaster exhaust (40s) and it sounded amazing.

As for going with a 302... unless your going to move to a new roller block I see no reason in doing so. Build up your current 289 and you can make 400HP just as with a 302 block. Buy a 347 stroker kit, add heads, cam, intake, etc. Toss in a blower to top it off.

Your pretty much after what we're going for in ours. You going to be replacing the 8" with a 9" rear?
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Might want to figure out how much you want to spend 1st. And look at all the supporting mods you'll need.
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Def. do not go with a cleveland... that will be an incredible painful swap for you... and expensive. 351w will drop right in and will be able to use many parts you already have from your 289... plus a windsor, generally is a better starting point for a power build.

then stroke it.
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No reason you can't drop a cleveland in that car. It would certainly be easier (and more fun) to build a 400hp cleve The swap itself wouldn't be quite as easy, but it's certainly doable and wouldn't require any fabrication.
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Ask/answer all the usual questions:
1. As was said - what's the budget?
2. How important is stock appearance?
3. Is power or streetability more important?
4. How long do you want the motor to last?

For hp - 289, 302, and 351 (w or c) can all be made to make power. There are 500 hp 302 motors out there. But they are very high strung. A 302 stroked to 347 will make good power in a stock looking package. But, a 351w can also be stroked/bored to 393 or 408 ci. At 400 cubic inches, 400 hp is easy & the motor will last 100k miles.

If you are even considering the swap to a 351C, then why not look at a big block? A 390 would be "correct" for a '67, would easily give the power, and would have that original appeal of "it could've been..."
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I would do a 351W swap.
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Build that 289, they can make killer power, stroke it to 331 and it will scream.
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Id go with the 302 or 351w for one reason both are easy to put efi on a ceveland is harder to do.
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