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You guys continue to do a fabulous job!!! I've been so busy the past few months (a 5 & 6 yr. old will do that) I haven't even had time to post anything, let alone work on my car! A few weeks ago I painted a hood scoop for my 2000 and then got right back on my '71. My thread will be updated soon. Thanks again for the inspiration and keep up the good work!
Here's my scoop...
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great pictures, great project, great thread!
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thx, for the info on the spi-epoxy
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yeah the question was for you. Thanks for the answer. Im not a big fan of the IFS and i've kept looking for alternatives. Rod and Custom actually has one of them. The strut supension actually allows for the lower half of the tower to be removed and they also sell a modified tower that allows for Mod engines. Another is Griggs racing and they with something different altogether. I think its sort of a double A arm setup but they are pricey. Im not a big fan of the 3-link 'cause i keep thinking that 3rd link will be hitting the pavement on bad roads. Am i mistaken? so i was looking at an IRS from an 04 or a 4 link like yours

thanks for the input
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Originally Posted by racer_dave View Post
NoReins, thanks for the heads up on the primers, definitely info worth having. You've been working with a grey primer prior to the white, was it an EPOXY primer as well, just sealer, or is it a standard hi-build primer?

As always, awesome build Its damn near an instruction book.
Good question, I should have specified. The grey was also SPI epoxy. We were running low so when I ordered the next gallon I thought I'd change it up a bit and go with white. Have to keep things new and exciting, ya know? I actually just re ordered some more epoxy and went with BLACK this time! So not to confuse anyone, epoxy has been the only thing we've sprayed as far as primers are concerned. We won't touch the 2k until after the polyester primer, more epoxy, then 2k, then paint. Thank you for the kind words racer dave!

Thanks guys and gals. Obsidian - the scoop looks great! Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Rols, no problem. We looked at many suspension setups and found ours to be some of the most highly recommended. It's all preference of course. And not being able to speak from so called experience, you just have to do your research and find what best fits your needs and wants.

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If you had reins....I'd be pulling them We need another update....ahem...your fans await.
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Ok, ok, ok, I'll give you an update but it's not too exciting. We've been working really hard on the final bodywork before the car gets painted. Our potential painter has given us really good information on how to get the panels as straight as possible. Our plan is to get the bodywork as good as we possibly can ourselves, and then have the painter do the final 2 blocks on the whole car, then paint. I would have liked to have just handed the car over to him while it was put together, all white; but by us taking it as far as possible we will hopefully save a few greenbacks.

We sprayed the entire car in Black SPI Epoxy, over the White SPI Epoxy:

Then Aaron blocked the whole body with 180. The black and white contrast makes it easy to see the high and low spots. White being the high spots, black being the low. He then used a light weight filler on the areas that were noticeably low.

This is how the body sits right now:

We took all of the panels off the car and are working on them seperately. It is less overwhelming this way.

While Aaron works on the body, I've been working on the doors. Here is the process that we will follow on each and every panel:

Spray with Black SPI Epoxy:

Block with 180:

Fill low spots:

2 more coats of Black SPI Epoxy:

2 coats of Evercoat Slick Sand. Slick Sand is a polyester primer that is like a liquid filler. By using the Slick Sand before the 2K, it will help prevent any shrinkage in the filler and primer.

Then I blocked it with 80:

Then I sprayed 2 more coats of Black SPI Epoxy:

Then I wasn't happy with it so I did it all over again. I don't have any pictures of what the final doors look like, but I will take some today and update you again.

Now we are working on the fenders. The process is the same:

2 Coats Slick Sand:

Today we will Block the Fender and hopefully get the body ready for another 2 coats of Black SPI Epoxy. Lots of work to do!!

Also, if anyone has any suggestions on cameras, please let me know. All of our cameras are terrible and we are looking to buy a new one. Thanks!

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Good Morning, have a good weekend!!

All I can say is WOW, great work, I can hardly wait to see it all together, Gigger
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No Reins I am always in awe of you and your husband's work on this car. It is really great for all of us reading this thread from the self help and information you post on the products used to the speed at which you are doing this project.

I use to work for Best Buy and sell everything in the store. When it came to the cameras I would always ask what the customer wanted to do with it. If you're wanting an easy to use great picture taking camera without the DSLR prices I would recommend the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8.

I took one of the older ones like this to South Africa and was asked who took the pictures and what was used. I am very much an amateur at the photography game.

My twin brother is not but he bought one when him and his wife toured Europe and they loved it for the picture quality, easy of use, compact features and zoom. I have sold 3 to my father but that's only because his first was stolen, his second he lost and he still loves the compact camera and features.

Having said that I think I've sold perhaps 14 of this line of camera over the 3 years I worked there and have never heard anything bad from the returning customers that have used it.

If you are looking for a specific camera or you are wanting something with more versatility you'll pretty much have to look at either the compact DSLR line of cameras or the full DSLR cameras.

I hope this helps and thanks again for all the updates so I can live vicariously through your thread till I can get mine moving faster.
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Good Sunday Morning Mustang owners
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