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Tuff Dawg Engine / 5 hours at the Dyno = Depression

Old 12-09-2010, 04:24 PM
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Originally Posted by mr_velocity View Post
Don't sweat the numbers, I've seen lots of variation between dynos. I use them just for tuning now.

It could have been worse
here i thought it was going to be this EVO on the dyno ...
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Old 10-30-2015, 02:25 PM
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Just wanted to give a little update (with a video) for those interested. 5 years and the engine is still running stronger than hell. Only change to the package was the carb and intake were replaced with an MSD Atomic EFI and a performer II intake. Haven't been back to the dyno yet either. The only change that I would probably make next is to swap out the ***** Thumpr cam with maybe the smaller Thumpr cam. The ***** Thumpr makes cruising a little hard as it doesn't like to dip below 1,500 rpms without bucking a lot. However, I cannot tell you how many people are amazed of the sweet sound that comes from a ford engine......

The engine does not burn a lick of oil and has had no issues what so ever. With my setup, I see about 20-22mpg on long cruises.

Someone mentioned previously in this thread that the Thumpr cams are for those that only look at cams for sound, while that is somewhat true, Popular Hot Rodding (Oct 2011 issue) rated the Thumpr cam the best all around cam in their comparisons with the more popular comp cams for a 347 ford.

Here is a video of the car running.

Overall, I am happy with my Tuff Dawg eBay engine.
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Sweet engine there....

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i will take horsepower over sound any day of the week . . you left a lot of power on the table using that cam.

it would also have more power at 10.0"1 compression instead of their advertised 9.5, especially with the cam you currently have in it.

for around the same price as that efi system, you could have bought a paxton novi 1200 supercharger and gained 80 hp.

you can still run a 50 hp shot of nitrous if you want.

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Well, you're light years ahead of where you were in your first post, so congratulations on that.
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I had tuff dawg build a 331 for me. I was totally disappointed. I had to take it back a couple weeks after putting it in because of an internal noise. I had only driven it twice. They said it was fine.
A month later, the engine was out with a couple melted pistins.
They blamed me even though I took it back with the noise. They charged me 500 for a new set of pistons.
They out it back together and 2 months later I had the same issue.

I took it to another shop here in AZ and when this shop pulled it apart they found up to 7 thousandths difference from cylinder to cylinder. Some rings didn't seal, others were way too tight.
I learned a lot and no longer run their stuff
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There is a lot of difference between dynos, especially the Drive on type. As a racer I always take dyno numbers as a 'kinda nice to know' but not as gospel. I watch it on the stopwatch.

As for the power output on this particular car, I'd say its cam choice holding it back I'd also have a few other things I'd want to know. For the cam, 500 lift is conservative, but its about the duration, overlap etc where you will make power. What sounds great at idle my be a dog at 4000rpm. What sounds mild at idle may scream on the top end. I'd look for more balance there. Also, did they port match the intake to the heads? I would not expect it for the price, but its easy to do and will result in HP gains across the board.

I'll also say this, and probably get flogged for it- I've never had any luck with an edelbrock carb. Ever. At current, everything I own from race cars to street cars has a Demon carb on it, love them. 4 corner idle, easy to adjust, change jets, accelerator pumps etc...

But finally, what matters is how it feels in the car. Is there more power than it used to be? Is it fun to drive? If so, don't worry about the numbers.
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