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Default Buying a classic mustang

Hey guys, im determined to buy my first mustang within the year, but id b lying if I said I said I knew enough to make a quality decision, I was hoping for some feedback on what to look for. Im interested in a '65-'67 and to spend around $10,000. id appreciate anything u guys can throw at me! Thanks!
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You narrowed down the years. What else do you care about and what's negotiable. Any particular engine type you want (6 cylinder, v8, 289 or something bigger)? Stick or automatic? Coupe, fastback or convertible?

Do you want one that is "done" or do you want some projects to do yourself?

I would say search on craigslist for a while. Maybe call a couple people to get an idea of what's out there.

My other learning experience buying one was the title. Ask up front if the seller has a clean title in THEIR name.
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There is no substitute for leg work, Get out there and look and compare.
Title is real important, Make sure the numbers on the title are the same as what is on the car. People will try to rip you off.
You should be able to get a decent driver for 10 grand, but don't expect new car performance from a 40+ year old car. Unless it has been replaced it will need one of everything, Radiator, alternator, starter, etc, etc.
What ever car you find, get under it and see what you got , wrap a magnet in a cloth and run down the quarter panels, (Magnets donít stick to bondo).

Before you lay down cash, take pictures and post here, the people here will tell you what to look for.
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Thanks guys, def automatic and either coupe or convertible r fine. Ill def b looking at the title and the magnet idea is a great one. I'm ok with doing interior and paint just want to make sure theres not an extreme amount of mechanical work to b done. So 10000 should b enough to get a pretty decent car?
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Mustangs, (your city) for sale less than $10,000

This one site that will come up, Put in your city
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$10k should get you a decent coupe. That would be a lower-lower level for a convertible. Good luck finding even a rusted out fastback at that price. I live in California, so maybe prices are different in your state.

Check out Craigslist everyday. There are a lot of people out there in desperate situations, so it is not uncommon for find some really good deals. I saw a 65 fastback in great shape for $6500.00. The guy needed money that day. The car was sold within 30 minutes...I was trying to get cash from my credit card but wasn't fast enough.

My biggest red flag is rust. I've seen some nice mustangs, but you pull back the carpet and you car see the street!

I love the simplicity of the inline 6-cylinder with an Autolite 1100 carburetor. I am a cruiser, not a racer. Plus gas is about $4.50 a gallon here. I saw a guy a few days ago with a 65 coupe and a 289 motor. Nice looking car but the guy was unhappy with his car because his gas mileage was 9 mpg.
I get 20 miles to a gallon.

Good luck.
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I browsed adds, papers, local stuff for about 5 years. I got serious when I did my first tour in Iraq and was able to put away some loot for a good fast back. I narrowed my search down to 67-68 fastback with a manual transmission. I found my love on Ebay and went from there. Cost was $600 to ship from Texas to North Carolina and I gave the driver a $200 tip if he could get it there before Thanks Giving....yea, so we were unloading a car at 2am Thanks Giving morning at Walmart because all noise I didn't want in my neighborhood.

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I am looking to buy a 65 or 66 mustang coup, automatic in the states. Does anyone know of a car broker in the states who can help me?
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Waffles can probably help you with the coupe cpalfrey

Matt living in Iowa I would expand your search outside the state since you tend to have a few cars with rust there. I am sure there are several here that would help if you found a car close to them.

Another good site to look on is The Mash was really good when it had craigslistings on it. I think they were going to get that worked out but not sure if it has happened or not.

If you are good with paint and interior work look for project cars that people have lost interest/money to finance and see if you can get a deal that way.

Speaking from experience my car looked good (69 Sportroof) but I will have replaced about 50% of the sheetmetal once it's done and several mechanical things that just were not done right.
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