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MonsterBilly 04-25-2012 01:15 AM

Stereo install/pics
SO I am at the point where i am ready to install some tunes in the mustang. I decided that I am only going to go with an amp, speakers and a jack for the phone/mp3. I am not going to install a head unit. I may however, use a pre-amp.

WIll all of you fellas that have nice stereo systems post pics of what you did to mount the amp and speakers in the trunk. I already have a package tray for the 6x9s and I also have the kick panels for the 6" coaxials.
I may install a sub but i really am looking for ideas on the amp mounting and trunk interior..

dmaclaren 04-25-2012 10:40 AM

So, I can get pics tonight but I went with Retro sound as it fit the Orig bezel that I ordered. I love it for $200 on a 20% CJpony sale.

It has a Aux jack in front face, also one in the back and USB support for a thumb drive.

I closed off 1/2 the trunk (no fold down seat) and I have done bquiet and Thermozite all so it's also behind seat & that trunk area. Now I get great base response int he 6x9 4-ways.

My goal is a Sub 8 - 10" and new 6x9's and maybe tweeters in the center dash pad.


MonsterBilly 04-26-2012 12:34 AM

i picked up a nice set of 6x9s for now and I am going to run an amp in the trunk and the 6" in the kick panels. I just went with that and a dock station for my HTC pad. I can stream pandora as well as listen to the music I have on it. Ill see how it sounds. If it is crap then I may install a head unit.

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