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Mr. Bob 05-15-2012 12:08 AM

A/K intake and Autolite 4100 swap?
Hello everyone, I am new here, my name is Bob.

I have a 1966 289 with an autolite 2100 2v carb on it.

The car is currently bone stock. I am thinking of swapping in a T5 in place of the C4 automatic but using a conversion shifter and a S10 T5 tail housing to make the swap look stock.

Anyhow, I was thinking about swapping over to a 289 A/K intake and an autolite 4100 carb for a little more power. Car has 2 1/4 dual exhaust. Was also thinking of doing a chain and a cam upgrade while the intake was off.

the current 2100 starts and runs great, and gets good milage.

my goal is a little more power, a little more fun with the standard transmission, but keep the bone stock look!

any advice will help a lot!


rmodel65 05-15-2012 12:21 AM

the 4100 is a great carb and the t5 is a great up grade...i know the shifter angle is different on an s10 but i dunno if it will work for a classic or if the length is the same etc...ive never seen a s10 t5 in a mustang...

Mr. Bob 05-15-2012 12:46 AM

Im not exactly sure how it all works, but you use a 5.0L mustang T5 and the tail housing off a S10 to move the shifter forward.

Since I dont know exactly what has to be done there, I will kick the topic back to the 4100 swap, but promise to bost more on my T5 swap when that day comes.

Starfury 05-15-2012 09:29 AM

You don't need that S10 tail housing. The housing on the 87-93 fox body T5 puts the shifter right where it needs to be.

The Autolite 4100 is a great carb, but I'd recommend an aftermarket aluminum intake rather than a factory cast iron piece. Weight savings alone is worth the swap. Something like a Performer 289 or the base Weiand manifold would work well.

Mr. Bob 05-16-2012 02:42 AM

If I did a small cam, factory heads and exhaust manifolds, my dual 2 1/4" exhaust, 4V intake and an Autolite 4100, what kind of power upgrade would I see?

Starfury 05-16-2012 09:33 AM

Noticable, but mostly in the upper rpm range. At that point, I'd recommend an aftermarket carb to gain some adjustability (I like my Edelbrock), as well as port-matching the exhaust on the heads. The factory exhaust ports are horribly restricted and will hold back all of the other mods. Opening up those ports will improve power and throttle response throughout the rpm range.

rmodel65 05-16-2012 02:00 PM

if you want to get a nice boost in power i suggest a set of GT40 heads from a 1996-1997 explorer with a nice port job they are cast iron and to most observers will look like a bone stock head

Coupe 05-16-2012 06:20 PM

Things to consider.

The 4100 does not seal up really well on some aftermarket intake manifolds that use a thin side flange. The weiand stealth uses a flange that is the same thickness all the way around, but many of the edelbrock intakes have a thin wall and can make sealing that PCV spacer a real PITA.

Also, the GT40 heads will have a much larger chamber than you have on the 66 heads and you will drop compression. Dont believe the hype that just because they flow better at the ports that they are "Better" for every motor.

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