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Default CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

Howdy everyone, I was just reading a post on Mustangs Unlimited, and I must say that I was very surpised to hear such bad reviews because I really haven't had any real problems ordering from them..........but I really haven't uesd the body panels.....but now concerned about them not fitting.

So I was looking threw a CJ Pony parts catalog, and I never ordered from them, but now being concerned about all parts places, I was wondering if anyone has any PROS and CONS about CJ Pony.

Thanks for any help.


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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

I've orderd a lot of parts from them and NPD. Never had a problem with them. The only complaint I had was that they were slower getting the parts to me than NPD. I did not order my body panels from them though. My body shop recommened virginia mustang becuase they had some experience with them.
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

ive used them with no problems
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

I just ordered a set of Try "Y" headers from them on 2/15 and they have not shipped them yet. We will see..
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

I ordered a set of tri-y's from them, and they sent painted, not ceramic. They did take care of the issue to my satisfaction, however. They made me give them my cc # again, for assurance I would send the wrong ones back, and they included a shipping label. All in all, a hassle, but no one is without mistakes.
I haven't ordered anything since.
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

Good day yeah stay away from unlimited. whoever you deal with find someonw as close as possible. If you do have issue`s sometimes the phone doesn`t get it you need to make it personel. If you want my opinion on what to use any of wholsaler`s for it would not be to order any sheet metal, any thing they are gonna sell you is repro and fits like ####. You are better off spending a week lookin for a good factory part then spending 5 minutes on the phone ordering crap. I must say danial carpenter out of charlotte sells nice metal though, abit more money but its original. His father bought the original die`s from ford for the mustang and earlier truck`s to I believe. They use correct guage and even stamp them out in the same plant ford used in Ohio back in the day. Getting back to unlimited there a wash, Mustang plus aren`t nothing to brag about eitherl. NdP are ok to work with I mean if there is a prolblem they will actually work with you to resolve not argue with you.
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

yeah the torque boxes i got from cj's didn't fit all that well. when they were leveled off with the rest of the car the bottom section that should be against the inner rocker panel was about 1/8" away from it. made it a bit difficult to weld it in but it wasn't too bad. haven't gotten a chance to try to install any of the other frame sections yet.

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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

I have ordered a heater core from CJ and it has been 18 days........and nothing, I am going to give them a call tomorrow and ask them WTF! good luck with CJ.....[:@]
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

I deal with CJ PONY PARTS a lot, never had a problem. They are only about an hour from where I live so when I have time to go I usually take a couple of the kid-os and run up there to pick things up. They are located about 10 minutes from Hershey Park so the kids like to go on the chocolate factory tour which is free while we are there. If I am riunning up there and time is tight, I call ahead to place my order for pick-up and it's ready when I get there. One time I went to pick up parts without calling first, a couple of the items I needed were not in stock, so they shipped them to me, without charging shipping.

I have only had good experience with them.

Badtzmaru - Before calling and Bitchin, try being polite it will get your farher with people. Could be a simple matter of the part being out of stock and they are waiting for it from their supplier. In that case 18 days isn't a long time. These guys are reasonable to deal with.
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Default RE: CJ Pony Parts???? Good or Bad???

Hi Tony,

I've ordered frequently from CJ's, and I've never had a complaint, though I've never ordered sheet metal from them. I have to agree with rgormansouth about Mustangs Plus--if you don't have to deal with them and there's nothing wrong with your order, then you're just out the extra money you spent on their over-priced stuff, but if you have to deal with them, forget about it, they act like they're doing you a favor (real arrogant). Now NPD, these guys live on a whole different planet than the guys at MP, and I've had good success with their sheetmetal.

Also, jes72mustang has a great point about politeness. I've had folks go really far out of their way to help fix a problem, and I seriously doubt that they would have been willing to do that if I had come off initially as a p.o.'d customer. Mistakes are part of life and nothing to get upset about--it's when people don't own up to them and try to right the situation that there is an issue.

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