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Default SON1C Synopsis 37 : DoDo Juice - Light Fantastic Review

Light Fantastic is a soft wax produced by DoDo Juice ( UK ).
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It is geared towards lighter colored vehicles however here is a quote straight from the DoDo.
"Light Fantastic is that kind of a wax. There's no added colour, so what you see is the colour of carnauba, and a bit of coconut oil, because we stuck some of that in, too. It's particularly suitable for light coloured cars, including those painted in light coloured metallic or pearlescent paints. But to be honest, you could slap it on anything."

So I did just that, I applied it to a white vehicle, and a black vehicle.
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Application is extremely easy and buff off is incredibly easy, top of the line in terms of application and buff off, I was impressed.
I found the wax didn't go extremely far, but still a little goes a decent amount. Zero dust etc on buff off (which have I said is effortless?)
I didn't expect much from this one, however I was blind sided with another gem from dodo juice.
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(Hidden item in the reflection, can you find it?)^ ^^
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To be honest, there wasn't a thing I didn't like about this wax, application on and off is awesome, smell is great, looks are great, it definitely won't become my go to for black paints however it performed well. It definitely enriched the white paint. About the only thing I found wrong with this wax was that I didn't care for the packaging, this is more my style of packaging
(Satsuma Rock)
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Bottom line .. Impressed! If I had a white or other light colored vehicle I wouldn't hesitate to try this product out. What I love about dodo juice is the fact that they offer their panel pots which are 30 ml and their full size jars which are 250 ml. A 30 ml pot will get you several applications which is great so you get a good feel for the wax and decide to invest in the larger size which are roughly $70 as opposed to $14 panel pots.

Thanks for the recent feedback guys, as per some requests I was glad to throw some of my clients vehicles into this review as opposed to others where I try to keep my vehicle as the base line
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A couple other DoDo Juice Wax Reviews I have (basically) (Wax Related)
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Sonic... I need to bring you up to speed with your photos... LOL. Since you have this website.. you really need to improve your photos so we can see the quality of your results!
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