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Default DP On Sale - Up to 35% Off + New Paint, Wheel & Glass Coatings!

Detailer's Car Care Products is on sale now through Monday, July 22nd at midnight EST! Save up to 35% on DP waxes, wheel cleaners, tire gels, coatings and more!


Detailer's Car Care Products

I'm very excited to introduce 3 new nano-glass coatings and a new polish designed specifically for paint coatings - all by Detailer's Car Care Products!

Poli-Coat Paint Sealant has also been reformulated!

Detailer's Coating Prep Polish 16 oz.

Detailerís Coating Prep Polish is a non-abrasive chemical polish that deep cleans automotive paint, ridding it of below-surface contaminants that will prevent a coating, paint sealant or wax from properly bonding. Formulated without any silicones, waxes, sealants, polymers or fillers, Detailerís Coating Prep Polish leaves nothing on the surface, making it the ideal polish to use before applying any product that requires a 100% oil and wax free surface.

Detailerís Coating Prep Polish is the only polish specially formulated for application of permanent and semi-permanent paint coatings. By creating a polish that doesnít have any oils, waxes, silicones, polymers or fillers, you can apply a paint coating immediately after polishing your paint with Detailerís Coating Prep Polish. There is no need to chemically strip the paint using isopropyl alcohol or volatile wax and oil removers.

Detailerís Paint Coating

Detailerís Paint Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating that provides paint protection measured in years, not months. Formulated using nano-glass ceramic particles and state-of-the-art cross-linking polymers, Detailerís Paint Coating creates a hard-as-nails protective barrier and a glass-like, liquid shine. The self-cleaning effect created by the immense amount of surface tension keeps your paint looking its best in between regular washes. Detailerís Paint Coating is exceptionally easy to apply Ė no lengthy instructions to memorize! A single coat lasts up to two years!

While a conventional car wax or paint sealant wears off after a couple months, Detailerís Paint Coating forms a much stronger, harder bond that can withstand the elements to a much greater degree. Detailerís Paint Coating is resistant to alkaline cleaners, degreasers and harsh detergents. Removing Detailerís Paint Coating without physically abrading it is virtually impossible.

Detailerís Paint Coating continues the tradition of value set forth by other car care products that bear the black and gold Detailerís shield of quality. Detailerís Paint Coating is only available in a 4 ounce container, making it an exceptional value in a crowded market where the typical paint coating is packaged in milliliters, or even CCs! A single 4 ounce bottle of Detailerís Paint Coating is enough to protect 10-15 full size vehicles!

Detailerís Glass Coating

Detailerís Glass Coating is a super-hydrophobic nano-glass ceramic coating that creates an extremely hard, crystal-clear barrier of protection on exterior glass surfaces. Treated glass surfaces will be impenetrable to environmental contaminants while exhibiting super hydrophobic properties; water will bead up and roll off while snow and ice will be effortless to remove. A single application lasts up to one year!

Detailerís Glass Coating goes on crystal clear and stays that way Ė no excessive rubbing or buffing required. Application is as simple as spraying the coating directly onto the surface and evenly distributing it with a foam applicator. Thatís it! The coating self-levels so there is no heavy rubbing or buffing required. A single application of Detailerís Glass Coating will last up to one year!

Detailerís Glass Coating is comprised of nano-glass ceramic particles that fill in the microscopic pits, pores and craters on your vehicleís glass, making the surface perfectly smooth. This prevents dirt, water, oil, snow, sleet and rain from adhering to the glass, keeping it clean while optimizing visibility. Detailerís Glass Coating creates such an immense amount of surface tension that water will bead up and roll off at speeds above 30 mph, rendering your windshield wipers virtually unnecessary!

Detailerís Wheel Coating

Detailerís Wheel Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating that provides your wheels with unparalleled protection against brake dust, dirt, road grime, oil and tar. Formulated using nano-glass ceramic particles, Detailerís Wheel Coating blankets your wheels in a durable, high-gloss protective barrier that resists brake-dust build up, keeping your wheels clean and protected in between regular washes. A single application lasts up to 1 year!

Detailerís Wheel Coating resists the effects of brake dust and keeps your wheels protected. The nano-glass ceramic coating created by Detailerís Wheel Coating can withstand the rigorous abuse that wheels are exposed to every time your vehicle is driven.

Detailerís Wheel Coating will keep your wheels cleaner in between regular washes. The surface tension created by Detailerís Wheel Coating is so immense that brake dust, dirt, grime, oil, and tar will simply rinse off.

Detailerís Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit

The Detailerís Paint, Wheel & Glass Coating Complete Kit includes everything you need to coat your vehicle with the best protection money can buy. Each and every Detailerís coating included in this kit is comprised of nano-glass ceramic particles that fill in the microscopic pits and pores of the surface, maximizing smoothness and increasing gloss and slickness. This money-saving kit includes all 3 Detailerís coatings plus a host of essential applicators and towels to make application effortless.

Detailer's Poli-Coat Paint Sealant New & Improved!

New and improved Detailer's Poli-Coat Paint Sealant features the same nano technology found in Detailer's Paint Coating! This provides a stronger cross-linking connection between the polymers, increasing durability, water sheeting abilities, shine and slickness! New and improved formula also cures in half the time!

Don't be concerned about the frequency with which you wash your vehicle. Detailer's Pro Series Poli-Coat Paint Sealant resists alkaline and acidic cleaners and detergents! It will not wash off during a car wash or a rainstorm. The coating stays firmly bonded to the paint, protecting it with an invisible shield of synthetic polymers.

Detailer's Poli-Coat Paint Sealant replaces the need for a dedicated pre-wax cleaner. Unless the vehicle you're working on has been neglected, Poli-Coat's built-in bonding agent is strong enough to properly clean and polish the paint, allowing the sealant to achieve maximum durability. The built-in bonding agent is what enables Detailer's Poli-Coat Paint Sealant to provide mammoth durability - up to one year!
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