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Default New edge highlight repair / options

Apologies if I'm beating a dead horse here but I have a couple specific questions.

Thinking of repairing or replacing the headlights on my '00 GT. They're slightly fogged (which I know I can fix), but my main concern is that the finish is peeling, as if someone had sprayed a clear coat over them and it's coming off. Pictures:

Any suggestions on how I might fix that, if at all possible? Because if it is possible, I'd probably just do that and install some quality bulbs. It almost looks more like someone sprayed clear from like 2" away and it created a giant run.

Second, if I am going to buy replacements, I want something with projectors for the low beam, but I don't want halo / angel eye lights. I also don't want smoked lenses or chrome housings. Something similar to the 2010+ headlights (black housing, white / yellow tint bulbs) would be good. What are my options? So far this is the only thing I've found:

Anzo Projector - Black Housing

But, not only have I never heard of that brand, I can't find any pictures of them on the car. Does anyone have these on their car?
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Nah, nobody outside of China (or whoever manufactured them) touched them. It's just auto manufacturers being cheap and they all do it not just Ford. You can try to fix them by using a light sand paper and scrape off the clear coat, followed by some buffing compound which I did on my 01 years ago. Results were ok. I had nothing to lose because it was either that or replace them.

I wish that the manufacturers would go back to glass lights so that we wouldn't have to deal with these cheap crap headlights. Are you listening big 3?

PS. 95% of cars driving down the road have this issue but in falls on the deaf ears of the bean counters at the car companies

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