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Default jerking at low rpm!!!!

ok i have a 2002 ford mustang gt 4.6 and just not too long ago maby 6 months ago ive been having this prob out of my car,i have 78,000 miles on the car its a 5 spd,i change the oil on time and change the spark plugs and they dont have 1000 miles on them change the fuel filter,change the maf,new airfilter, clean the the TB,and ran so much dang fuel injector cleaner through the car its makes no dang since,but any way when im driving usen only 87 fuel when i get to about 45 50 mph and change to 5th and its at 1500 rpm ill press the gas to go and it jerks like its struggling or misfiring,but once it passes 1700 bout 2000 it stops and its fine and if im in secnd and step on it,it goes but it kinda jerks at 3500,and then at 4000 it hauls but,i also put iso heet in the tank 3 times to clean water i let it get extremly low on gas to make sure,and it still does the same,and another wierd thing i was messing the the injectors and i was like twising or turning while the car was on and if i turn them a certain way the car goes wap wap wap like i have a cam or sum,and i dont and then turn them back it idels back to normal,at idel its fine,i dont know what it is can anybody help me this problem,ive tried everything u can think of and i have no codes no check engine light or anything, im lost im thinking its fuel or sum and O!! when i use fuel cleaner like lucas and others it does not jerk maby onceor twice a day and some times at all,and the only gas that does ok with my car is shell gas,and it still jerks if i dont put fuel treatment????????????
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Default RE: jerking at low rpm!!!!

Does this look like a correct forum?

This is the FORUM issues topic. Not car issues.

Go to 4.6
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Default RE: jerking at low rpm!!!!

i kinda figured that out
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