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28HopUp 01-15-2008 01:29 PM

"How-To" Tech & Informational Threads
Below are links to the threads that had been stickies in the general section, with new ones subsequently added.

If you know of Technical "How-To" threads here on MF that would be helpful to other members, or if you want to write your our technical thread, just shoot a PM to one the MF Staff Members.

"How-To" Technical Threads
[ul][*]Applying Vinyl Stripes[*]Anybody wanna make more How-To stickies???[/ul]

"Informational" Threads
[ul][*]Parts Review Section[*]Ford Racing Parts Technical Service Line[*]Oil Filters - What To Buy?[*]Seasonal Storage of Your Car[*]Gears[*]General Tech: Manual Transmissions[*]General Tech: Headlight and Taillight Conversions[*]What MPG & HP Devices NOT To Buy[*]Compression Calculator[*]Injectors: How They Work[/ul]

BigPoppa 03-31-2008 11:21 AM

RE: "How-To" Tech & Informational Threads
help I have a 1973 mustang convertible with what seems like a 302 I just recently bought a HEI from jegs to change over the ignition.
I found top dead center on the compression stroke took the valve cover off identified I was not 180 out etc etc proceeded to drop it in tried my best to line up the rotor with the post I had designated for number one then used the 15426378 firing order all the wires were correct and pop pop started but oh my god sounded just awful shut it down tried the 351 firing order just in case someone used a 351 cam? two days later tried everything under the sun went back to basics several times did notice when it did run for a bit I had no oil pressure on my gauge not to sure about that scared me some wondering about what haveI done now kinda thing I was wondering maybe my inexperience with the HEI rotor phasing like a little before the post or a little after the number one post in the cap well any help would be appreciated thnx

NYBLACKGT 06-16-2008 09:04 PM

RE: "How-To" Tech & Informational Threads
I have a 87 GT with 373 gears, BBK equal length shorties, h pipe, no cats, flowmasters, holley 255 gph fuel pump, edelbrock performer intake. I am putting a mass air coversion into the caroff another mustang, not the kit. I also purchaseda set of GT 40 P heads.My questions are..... What shouldI do to the heads to maximize performance?What throttle body shouldI use (mm?)? What brand.....should I stay edelbrock? I need to purchase a cold air fender mount, what mm mass air should I purchase? Will my BBK equal length shoties work on these heads? What cam should I run? I am keeping the car naturally aspirated and a stock bottom end with 100k miles. Should I leave the 19lbs injectors alone? Thanks for any feedback

genesis 01-24-2009 03:13 PM

leave them

LT45 04-18-2009 11:05 PM

Hello everyone. I have a quick question. I have a 2002 Mustang. I think my starter went out. All it does is click,but the car won't start. I am about to put in a new starter. However, is there a way I can find out if I need to replace the starter or the selonoid?

micash 04-19-2009 07:23 PM

I have a 96 Mustang and am having trouble with the wiper lever...if you have your bright lites on wipers work ok ...if you have dims on no wipers and they work intermittently

JHP5.0 05-05-2009 04:56 AM

I just recently put a F cam in my 1990 coupe. The car runs great after warming up. But i was wondering if their are any solutions to the cold nature? It drives me crazy!!!

ford 5.0 06-26-2009 07:13 PM

is it the idle that is up and down? if so put the plate between the iac valve and throtle body so u can adjust the air flow on idle maybe this will help yours it did mine

98stang2 07-25-2009 11:29 AM

im needing help on finding the fuel tank pressure sensor on my 98 v6 can any one hlp me out?

copternadle 08-03-2009 08:36 PM

I ordered the same borla exhaust too, and love the way it sounds it also looks very nice. I have people asking me all the time what kind of exhaust it is because it sounds so good. I got mine from borla parts here, borla 11761 and was pleased with the price a delivery time. You should also check craigslist sometimes you can find a used set.

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