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lunchfist 03-20-2012 02:43 PM

351w carb Q's
Hi guys! i'm brand new to the forum, just had a few questions.
My brother recently sold me his 1979 Mustang, and i'm looking to get it up and drive-able.

It came stock with a 4cyl (according to him) and since he bought it he has swapped the 4cyl+auto tranny for a 351windsor from a mid 80's econoline van. also had the driveshaft shortened and balanced, And has also swapped a manual tranny for the auto. All the work is done except the brakes, fuel line, rear shocks, and carburator.

My question now (and i realize it has potential to be a stupid question..)
The engine like i said, is a 351 windsor from an econoline. if it had emissions equipment it was removed, and also has a high lift cam (.50") and a hi-rise manifold on it... I'm not sure what brand manifold, weiand comes to mind.. (and further research is pointing me to this intake--
question is... what kind of carb would i need for this setup? I'm not looking to a)break the bank, or b)**** my pants with power either :P just something to get it drive-able.

another dumb question...
keep in mind, i'm so new to carburetors that it's a joke... (my 84 corolla had a 1bbl that i rebuilt 10 years ago)

so... dumb question.
could i put a 2bbl on it to get by with for fuel saving reasons, or would it just make it run like ...crap?

i appreciate any help guys, and again, sorry for the NOOB questions.



craig71springsport 03-27-2012 08:27 PM

Go with a 500 cfm 4bbl. If the intake was made for a 4bbl that is a pretty decently tame cfm rating in my opinion, possibly too tame. If you want to use a 2bbl you would be better off switching to a 2bbl intake, because if your brother put an aftermarket weiand intake on it it's probably made for a 4bbl. So either you can buy a carb and a lower intake, or just a carb. Up to you.

lunchfist 03-27-2012 08:45 PM

Thanks! Yeah, i saw that intake was made for a 4bbl. My brother said he had a 750cfm on it and it 'dumped way too much gas' in the engine, so i suppose ill try to locate a 500cfm carb, thanks again!

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