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HIONPSI 07-03-2013 10:05 AM

Lots of build question for BMW swap. I'm not a Ford guy...
I have a 1987 BMW 3 series that I'm going to swap a Ford motor into. The motor/tranny mounts etc... are all taken care of. My questions are specific to the motor and transmission themselves in regard to them handling my goals.

I have a 93 5.8 longblock as the donor motor. It came out of a F 150 or 250 I believe. My power goals are a bit tricky and I don't even know where to start. I would like to see 375WHP out of the motor. My BMW only weighs 2500lbs so that should make it fun to drive for awhile. Having built some decently powerful cars in the past, I realize the time will come when I want more power so I'd like to build NOW with that in mind. I can't see me really wanting to go beyond 525-550 to the ground as it will be quite difficult to handle in such a small chassis. When the time comes, I want to go FI to reach these numbers. It'll have to either be turbo or centrifugal as a roots blower wont fit under my hood. Questions:

Is it even possible to build a motor that will moderately be boost friendly AND still make the 375ish with out it?

With the end HP goal, what transmission (manual) will I be looking at? TKO or build a T5? Keep in mind the weight of the car. I'm not moving 3300lbs here.

What sort of heads/cam am I going to have to run? I realize there will probably be a cam and headgasket swap when I go FI.

I got this longblock for free essentially so switching to something more ideal isn't an issue. It just has to bolt up the same way a 86-93 302 would. Tranny is kind of in the same boat.

04goat 07-07-2013 11:34 PM

There has been a lot of research done on the sbf. i believe i watched this on horse power tv show and they did a engine with minimal cost. around 1100$. And came up with a 400 hp engine. that was with rods and mains, heads, intake, headers, and i think they did 373 gears. it was real cheap for that amount of hp.
I have a 302 i am considering putting in my 47 dodge pickup rat rod. it is a 95, ho roller motor.i am going to put on a set of old style 289 heads to build compressiom
Change the cam, intake and distributor cause the efi stuff will mot work without a computer.

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