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Wilson95GT 09-23-2013 05:40 PM

95 GT swapped MT doesn't line up with crossmember
Hey guys so I just bought my 95 GT a few weeks ago. I replaced the tranny mounts and saw that the crossmember doesn't line up with my 5 spd. The previous owner told me that the tranny originally came aode from the factory, but the owner before his swapped in a 5spd. The mounting holes on the tranny are too far forward (towards the engine) to reach the cross member. I have a mounting plate with my tinny mount set up to make it reach but I would like to know which tranny this could be. To my understanding, only T5s fit. Obviously the oem 94-95 bolt up but from old fox bodies they are a little shorter so that may explain it. I have two thoughts here. A = the aode and T5 crossmembers are in different locations and I have a T5 that simply doesn't fit it. Or B = I have a different transmission such as possible the old fox body transmission. It's only maybe an inch or two short, but it's enough even with a modded mounting plate to fit. Could someone explain to me how I would be able to differentiate the trannys or if they've had this happen to them maybe shed some light? Thanks guys!

petrock 09-24-2013 12:38 AM

Are you sure you have the cross member installed correctly? It may be in backwards. If memory serves, there should be an arrow with the word “Front” next to it so you know which direction it needs to be installed. Hope that helps...

88 orangepeel notch 09-24-2013 11:50 AM

There are different cross members for auto and manual. When I swapped mine over to a T5 the auto cross member was welded at a different location on the ends. Like you said maybe a inch different. Latemodel sells a cross member as a kit that needs to be welded on the ends depending on tranny. Or grind and reweld yours.

This was a Foxbody thou.

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