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Default lifter slightly damaged. whats my move?

so while i have the cylinder head off, i couldnt resist looking at the lifters. i noticed one of the rollers on one of the lifters is out of round. its not flat by any means, but looking closely at it and spinning it, i can see its not perfectly round any more. the cam lobe didnt look damaged, but i am looking down the lifter hole with a flashlight and i dont really know what im doing anyway, so who knows.
can i replace just one lifter, or would i need to buy a whole new set?
if i replace one or all of them, is there anything else i need to replace? (please dont say cam)
thanks in advance
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I would say buy one matching lifter and run it. If you see no issues on the cam, you should be good. If more issues develop, then dig deeper.
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Yep, just go to NAPA store and buy a lifter.
Myself, I would kic it to see if it's not round........
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I ran into a similar issue on my wifey’s ’98 when I had the motor out for other repairs. A couple of them were worn but the cam was fine. I decided to replace them all instead of just the ones that were damaged for peace of mind since they were all stock with over 150k miles on them. I’m glad I did. Once I got back it together the “lifter tick” noise the motor was producing was gone.

The cheapest price I was able to find was at manufactured by Sealed Power ($11 a piece). I even bought one from my local dealer for $75 to take them apart and compare them. They were identical in form, size, design and internal components. They were both a newer (better?) design then the stock lifters. I’m almost convinced that the dealers lifter was also a Sealed Power lifter, but I have to proof other then a visual comparison.

Either replace them all, or replace only the ones that are damaged. Up to you. Either way, the ones that you know to be damaged need to be replaced. If they are no longer round, then the roller wasn’t spinning and was just rubbing against the cam which can quickly wear a cam out.

Hope that helps...

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