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i know the oil doesn't touch the exhaust port directly, but it cools the head which the exhaust port is part of so the oil indirectly cools that as well
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New to this forum. I go through several hundred gallons of oil where I work a year. I am constantly comparing oils and reading oil samples. I ask a lot of questions of the suppliers, and call the oil tech lines often.
Far and away the best source of information on oils and oil weights is the web site: there is more information there than you could ever need to know, a very interesting web site.

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Default good video

here's another good resource on the topic...
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Being at work without audio on my PC (with just really bad closed captioning from the video) it really seems like he's confusing the topics. Instead of using a 15W-40 conventional oil vs a 5w-40 Synthetic to talk about Viscosity AND protection. He should've used ONE weight for both oils then talked about it. Especially that pour test. Of Course a 15w is not going to flow as well at freezing temps as a 5w. That's irrelevant of whether it's a conventional oil, syn blend, or fully synthetic. It's the nature of oil and WHY they have a W rating.

To me, It would be more valid to do that frozen pour test with a synth and conventional of the same W rating. That's my nit pick.
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