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Run-in with local law enforcement


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Default RE: Run-in with local law enforcement

For all the "Johnny Cochran's", traffic tickets do not require "beyond a reasonable doubt", only a "preponderance of the evidence". Also, a "eyewitness" statement is not hearsay. Hearsay is "any statement other than one made by a person while giving oral evidence in the proceedings ... as evidence of any fact or opinion stated". If you saw it yourself, and you state what you saw, it IS NOT HEARSAY.

You can say what you want to in court, under oath (i.e. I wasn't there at that time), but I challenge that the witness/s didn't just pick your license plate number and the description of you and your vehicle out of hat. If it's a personal thing, I (and most officers) usually can pick up on that pretty quickly. The types of people that will make up BS to get back at someone are typically people who give themselves away on what their true motivation is pretty quickly. If they are just ticked because they got cut off, we're not likely going to do much about it. If there is a little more to it than that, then expect the effort be put forth to correct it.

Let me tell you guys something. I like to have fun in my Mustang. I get into every now and again, I catch some rubber here and there. But, if you are driving in such a way that you can put someone elses life in jeopardy, you need to seriously reconsider what is important to you. I do accident reconstruction on fatality crashes. Without exception, not even once in all my time of doing it, have all parties involved (at fault or not) in the crash when someone elses life was lost, have they been anything but deeply and emotionally affected by it.

There is a time and place for driving like that. A pubic roadway is not the place. You can not control what other people are going to do (like pull out in front of you or change lanes or my favorite "He/she came out of no where, I didn't even see him". I don't care how good of a driver you are. I like to have fun with my car, just like everyone else in here, but the possibility of that happening is real. That is why the police write tickets. It's not for some "power trip" or because they get a free toaster oven if they write so many in a month.

I submit to the fact that you can go to court and lie and sometimes you may get away with it. But if you continue to drive irresponsibly, it will catch up with you eventually and hopefully it won't be with your car wrapped around a tree or around another car and the fire department washing down the roadway of whats left of you because your smeared all over it.

Have fun, but be safe and smart about it.

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Default RE: Run-in with local law enforcement



Traffic court is like divorce court which is you can lie your butt off and no one gives a crap. So if I got called into court I would bring a friend who would also state the "other driver" is an idiot because we were NOT in the area and at a businees meeting or where ever else we decided to lie about. Then the "other driver" and officer both look like complete idiots for their stupid power trip...

Case closed and NOTHING happens to me, officer, "other driver" and Judge can NOT do a damn thing to me because I have a witness who states I was not there...

Gotta love how the law works...

Hey 达德利. Let me know when you're going to try this cause I want to be there to see you get a lesson in life, and the perils of committing purjury and end up behind bars where your name will be changed to Francis.



I couldn't agree with you more. If there is some idiot out there just putting people at risk I would be one of the first ones to call in. I actually, a few years ago, called on my cell phone while following a drunk who was driving on the wrong side of the road. He had ran at least 4 people off the road. I must had followed him for a good 15 - 20 minutes which seemed like a life time. I had really felt someone that night was going to die.

I asked the 911 operator if I could try and run the guy off the road because in about 10 miles if someone didn't get here we would be on the turnpike (freeway) and not side roads with traffic going at 35mph so they had a decent chance of avoiding this idiot. The 911 operator told me no do not do anything or try and run him off the road. All I could think of was a family, or mother with child, or someones kid being on the turnpike and this idiot creaming them and killing them.

She knew my name as she took it when I first called and I told her if someone didn't get here to stop this guy in the next 5 - 10 miles just tell the state troppers to send emergency vehicles and prepare the tropper to arrest me because I was going to indeed run this guy off the road.

Needless to say about 5 minutes after that a tropper finally showed up I believe 3 of them. They pulled him over and one came and spoke with me. He asked if I was seriously going to run this guy off the road and I told him absolutely. He shook my hand and told me had I done that he would of wrote a report in such a manner that it would have reflected the drunk running into me and in doing so ending up where ever he ended up at. This guy was so drunk he couldn't even stand up...

For the record I am not one to drive crazy, I am 43 and drive mellow on city roadways but if there are some open roads and a few nice 2 - 3 mile roads by factories that have no one on them during the weekend I tend to sometimes play. I use to race and my thought was even on the track you can't always trust what the guy next to you is going to do and there is no way you can trust nor will anyone have enough experience to ever race around on public roadways and KNOW what the other driver might or might not do...
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Default RE: Run-in with local law enforcement

Ok, I have read this interesting thread and I have a question. Where I live there is a busy road that has several no U-turns on it across from a very busy shopping center. They were put there for a reason, if you U-turn several accidents have happened there. Every other day I see people still doing U-turns and some nearly causing accidents. I have honked at them and called my local police department at least 3 times to please post an officer there on occasion - they would make a killing in writing tickets. Nothing has happened to date. So all I have to do is write down the license plate, description of the car and call it in? Happy to do so if I thought it would do any good.
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